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    Hi,can anyone tell me if probiotics and antifungals alone will help improve symptoms of candida with a slight diet alteration?

    Since taking probitoics I’ve had a major change in my bowels ( which is good )
    Haven’t started antifungals yet but this diet is really a struggle for me. I can’t cope not having something sweet with a cup of tea 🙁
    I was wondering if just antifungals and probiotics will help just taking them alone and reducing amount of sugar on the diet just not completely?
    Thank you


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    Have you tried natural sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit? They’re not for everyone, but they do give you that sweet taste without affecting your blood sugar and feeding a Candida overgrowth.


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    It’s definitely hard to go without sweetness but if you stick to it you’ll cope. (probably not the answer you want to hear)

    My opinion would be it depends on the severity of your infestation. Antifungals and probiotics are very effective, but if you are still heavily feeding the candida it might take you much longer to win the battle.

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