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    I am having a hard time finding a commercial Probiotic in my local shops with more than 50 Billion count and was wondering if I can just increase the amount I take, ie 4 capsules = 100 billion count. can it work this way? I know I can order some but the shipping costs are pretty high for these already expensive products.

    Also how much kefir per day would be beneficial? I’m currently eating around 2cups/day.

    I’m on my second month and have had a yeast infection for 2 weeks! I have increased my antifungals and want to increase my probiotics so need to know if I can increase the dosage or if I need to order some higher count Probiotics. I’ve ordered some Megaflora but it only comes in 50billin count as well!



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    Yes you increase the amount you take. The more you take the more it’ll cost. Renew life makes some high count probiotics and these are widely available at most stores in the US.

    You are eating the right amount of kefir as well.


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