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    I´ve been in a candida diet for 2 or 3 months more and less. And I know Is wrong to introduce potatoes but is the only starch I´ll have. I will follow the diet 100% I mean I will follow a lifestyle of eating paleo. Eggs, meat and vegetables. I´ll never eat fruit cause I don´t like. But I would like to eat at least 2 or 3 potatoes per day. I don´t mind to take it slow the recover but I just want to eat something I like. I´m not 100% cured of candida. And when I eat potatoes I don´t have bad reactions maybe I little bit of gas but come on this is normal. Even eggs and meat can give me gas less frequently. What I just want to know is if I eat everything in the candida diet more 2 or 3 potatoes can I still cure candida? I´m taking 185 billions of probiotics with 31 strains. I know is not the perfect diet but is possible take it more slowly and recover?


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    Starch is not allowed because starch is quickly converted into sugar. This already happens in the mouth, caused by enzymes in the saliva. The conversion of starch into sugar continues after swallowing.

    Thus, consuming starch is (almost) equivalent to consuming sugar.

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