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    I’ve had Candida for most of my life, and I identified it and began fighting it in August. I apologize if some of these tips are already widely known! They’re simply some of the things I’ve started doing to help myself.

    I’m working on getting some heavy metals out of my system as well as ridding myself of my Candida, and I’m not entirely sure which of these two issues is helped by the Rooibos, but it does make me feel substantially better. I bought a caffeine-free chai & rooibos blend and it definitely alleviates my symptoms.

    If you haven’t looked into heavy metal detoxing for your Candida, I recommend doing so. Personally, starting a heavy metal detox helped me turn a HUGE corner with my Candida. If you feel ‘stuck’, it might help to try some heavy metal detox stuff and see if it helps.

    Also making a HUGE difference is the use of coconut oil as lube. I used to feel that sex ALWAYS greatly aggravated the vaginal aspect of my candida, but now with the coconut oil I feel like I’m fighting yeast WHILE having sex. It’s great! and I like the coconut oil more than other lubes anyways because it doesn’t get dry or sticky and it feels very natural.

    Alright so here are my three current tips:
    1. Rooibos tea
    2. Heavy Metal Detoxing
    3. Coconut Oil as Lube

    Have any of you tried these things? Do they work for you? Post any other products or ideas that have been helpful to you recently here!


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    Thanks Samantha I will try the tea..
    I am wondeirng what you take for heavy metal detox?


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