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    Having read some oldish posts on this forum, what would be really helpful to others seeking guidance is post updates. How did you find the post suggestions, did you try any of them and what was the outcome. – maybe months later after trying them. After going through the symptoms, and advice from various people we never get to know the eventual oiutcome. I for one will try to remember to post an update of my treatment after doing it for a time so that it can help others and make them better informed.


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    Very good idea, Angelica!

    If I may add something to your proposal, it would be to please listen to such updates and to accept the personal experiences of others.

    I’m asking this because recently a very helpful forum member has been bullied off the forum. All she did was post updates on her own progress and her own experiences. Unfortunately, some very outspoken persons could not accept what this lady wrote. They even went as far as stating that she “didn’t have a real candida infection” and that she was “misleading others”.

    I’m still angry about that behaviour, including the bullying. Please, let’s work together to avoid that from ever happening again. We’re all different, and we’re all allowed to share our experiences.

    At least, that’s my opinion.

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