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    Hi there!

    Back in 2004, I discovered I was “hyperthyroid”…and then suspiciously it got better for several years and shortly thereafter I discovered that I had Candida…badly.

    I fought Candida, did Cleanse after Cleanse and finally had it where I thought it was at least “under control” and I could live with it until the end of 2009.

    Life during all of this time was stressful with 3 close family members dying and stress of buying and selling a new home and moving…which didn’t help my Candida issues.

    November of 2009, I went for a physical and my thyroid was tested and I was “super Hyperthyroid” with a resting heart beat of 120 beats per minute and absolutely exhausted all of the time. (many other symptoms too) After many tests by my MD, I was sent to an Endocrinologist…he put me on an “Anti-Thyroid Drug (PTU) and ever since then my Candida simply went away.

    The moral of the story is…your Endocrine system can really “mess you up” (the Thyroid is consider the great Mimicker and Adrenal problems can also look like Candida) and I really want to encourage people to get tested by their Doctor for anything that could be causing the same symptoms we get from Candida.

    I had surgery to remove ½ of my thyroid 10-14-2010, and I’ve had zero symptoms of Candida ever since. I am still careful about what I eat and only have sugar as a “treat”

    So please go to your Doctor and get your Endocrine System tested…you might find out that you have a problem that is “fixable” in many holistic, simple ways, and you could feel so much better.

    PS. I am by no means suggesting that Candida isn’t it’s own disease, but I was not aware that thyroid/endocrine issues can cause it, and I’ll bet you didn’t know it either.

    Have a great day…and feel better.


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    if any other reason for candida then please give me hole information.

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