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    I’ve tried searching the forum for a fiber supplement but I am reading mixed opinions. I saw Miracle Fiber from the Vitamin Shoppe suggested and then retracted….

    Here’s the deal, I’ve been on the diet for about 10 months. I was having very regular healthy BM’s a couple times a day (which was a huge improvement from before I started the diet.). However, I just completed the 7 day detox and I have only had 2 BM’s that I can think of in the past week. I really want to get things moving along and out of there. Now that I am off the detox and will be eating most of the same foods from the diet I think things will improve but I’d like to get something for the next few days.

    Any suggestions?


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    Flax is pretty good alternative to miracle fiber.



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    Dr Mercola’s fiber supplement is pretty good and its 100% organic –

    I know a few people have digestive problems from psyllium, but in my experience it really is the most effective option.

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