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    I was diagnosed with MS in early 2002, and totally detoxified of mercury by 2005. My therapist, Jeff, who later died in an accident, told me I was still in danger of getting candida, which can be caused by parasites that feed on mercury. If I continued the same treatment I would have stayed healthier, but by 2008 I was in a wheelchair, and ood test showed I was allergic to candida, and many other things. A couple months ago, I was told I should take pau dearco herbal tea for my candida. I remembered Jeff had me take it a couple times before, got some, and it felt soothing to my stomach. Should I continue steadily taking the tea, or have breaks occasionally? Should I monitor the effects somehow? Is there any best brand of pau dearco? Sorry for boring you with my story.


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    I saw that no one responded to your forum post from over a year ago. I am wondering how you are doing?

    I took pau d’arco to help detox from candida, but it didn’t really work for me; how has it worked for you over the years?

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