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    Hi everyone, Im new to this forum and was hoping somebody out there can help me 🙁

    Im 18 years old, suffer with cfs/me and Im a vegetarian, Ive been on the diet for 6 weeks now, the first 4 weeks taking antifungals and a homeopathic remedy for helping out my liver I think, aswell as probiotics. I stuck to the diet rigidly the first 4 weeks, then I had an afternoon tea I had booked months before and my doctor said that it was fine as it was a one-off. After that again I stuck to the diet ridigly for the last two weeks, the only differences being Im now allowed one low GI fruit per day, which Ive been eating because I love fruit and also I feel so depressed on this diet from lack of food to enjoy that fruit kind of makes me happy :/ and im also now taking zinc, b12,and magnesium supplements.

    The problem is, I rarely had stomach pain before this diet, except if I consumed alot of dairy products.But the last week or so has just been horrible, I keep getting stomach pains of all different kinds and a stitch like pain in my right side aswell for no apparent reason.Last week I threw up which was horrible as I havnt done that in years, and for a day afterwards I felt great.. but then Im back to the constant sick feeling, headaches, extreme muscle ache and fatigue. I knew the first few weeks would be die off symptoms but everyone else seems to feel gradually better after 4 weeks or so 🙁

    What am I doing wrong? I tried cutting out the anti fungals for a day or two because I was advised to do so If I couldnt handle the sickness anymore.. but then I went back on them because I wasnt throwing up and thought it must just be normal die off symptoms so get on with it kind of thing.. Is it the fruit? I feel so close to giving up because I feel dreadful, worse than before, which I expected but all these new things like being sick and tummy pains are really putting me off 🙁 Ive not felt better at all since starting this diet but I know its my last option.

    Sorry its long but any advice is really appreciated, thankyou!


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    You need to read both of these posts thoroughly in order to follow the correct treatment. Then get back to us with any questions. Stop eating the fruit if you want to get better.

    Allowed Foods



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    What is your current diet? What are your current supplements?

    Are you taking the psyllium husks?


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