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    I know this is odd but I have had increase teeth placque ever since starting the strict diet. I thought it was my toothpaste so I changed, then I though I was getting slack in my tooth brushing, but that was not it either. Just wondering if anyone else noticed that?


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    Now that you’ve mentioned it, I have noticed a strange grimey feeling on my teeth quite often since starting the strict diet. It seems like I notice it more just after eating kale or stevia. I dont know what those two have in common to cause something like that… I don’t think it’s quite the same as what you’re describing either. I don’t think it’s plaque, just a squeaky, gritty feeling.


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    I think when the body is detoxing, some gnarly stuff detoxes through the relatively thin membranes in the mouth, resulting in extra plaque. I’ve noticed this in past cleanses I’ve done, even before I started dealing with candida, but I also noticed it near the beginning of my candida treatment.

    If you feel like you have gritty teeth after eating greens, it’s usually due to oxalic acid crystals. Oxalic acid isn’t water-soluble, so they can scrape around inside your mouth a little. They’re the reason some people have an itchy gums/lips reaction to eating raw chard or raw spinach.


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    I read a book unrelated to Candida which connects lactobacillus acidophilus to oral health problems, including plaque. With my level of knowledge on the matter, I can only randomly guess whether the lactobacillus acidophilus in kefir and yogurt are of a sufficient quantity and/or type to colonize in the mouth and cause issues.


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    It might be related to a few things. First off, your body is no fighting the candida and this requires a lot of energy. The body may not heal other things as well when the real threat is candida.

    Additionally, it could also be related to the liver, which is taxed detoxing the body from the toxins.

    It will get better though sometime.


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