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    Hello everyone. Today I went to pizza hut because all my famaly went. But I didnĀ“t ordered pizza. There was a lot of salads. Most of salads have cheese,yogurt, fruits. But I asked to give me a simple salad with only olive oil and tuna. You think that eat in that places is safe for candida suffers? Do you think that I did good with order that salad? Because If I did I could go every week with my friends to pizza hut. Instead of eat pizza I eat that tuna salad. What do you think? Is a way to not restrict my social life. Sometimes I like to eat in a restaurant.


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    Hello Healhy,

    I would not put pizza hut salad up there as one of the healthiest places to get a salad! I have never eaten there but if you do have to eat there, a salad is the best choice. You can have other ingredients on your salad as well; whats wrong with cucumbers, onions, etc?

    As an alternative I would look at maybe making a salad at home and then you know whats in it and whether its safe or not. There must be some alternative places to go!



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    I would be concerned about poor quality genetically modified food sold at fast food restaurants. Salmon seems like a safe bet, I’m sure there’s antibiotics in their chicken and beef.

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