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    Obtained Candida through Antibiotic Use treating Lyme Disease. I got rid of it/ (back in balance) through a mixture of things, could eat entirely normal without candida on tongue etc etc.
    Had a bad cough did some natural lung remedies, (also doubling as antibacterials) without taking probiotics for a while. And now it is back. Also can’t consume meat at this point in time for other reasons.

    I’m currently eating:
    Piles of broccoli, Kale, Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Hemp Seed Protein, 4 Organic Eggs A Day, Chia Seeds + Linseeds, Avocado and Raw Buckwheat Groats.
    Eating more than 1 avocado seems to cause really bad oral thrush, Buckwheat seems to as well but without these two I become malnourished and dizzy dangerous.

    Natural antifungals are out of the question too hard on gut bacteria and hurt me. The only antifungal I can get prescribed in this country is:
    100,000 Oral Suspension Nystatin w sucrose 4x a day which others have told me not to worry about the sugar content.
    I am going to order Boullardi

    I have a broad spectrum Lifespace probiotic containing Rhamnossus. And going to try Kimchi again. It helped alot last time but this time hasn’t seemed too much.

    And currently on C0q10, Vitamin C, Vitamin D + Milk thistle and Questran Lite

    Does anybody have any advice or can give their own treatment protocol on top, my oral thrush seems to be heavily adapted to anything I can give it and flourishes.

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