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    Hello! I was diagnosed a year ago with severe lyme/candida, and I see an herbalist/naturalist who specializes in these conditions, and he is excellent. When I first began heavy treatment, I experienced a plethora of bizarre symptoms and problems. Most of those have cleared up by now.

    But one has not, and it has driven me crazy. Putting modesty aside, I developed a slight but persistent rash on my penis, which I’ve had for 7 or 8 months now. I am circumsized; the tip is red, but I can feel it most acutely under the foreskin. I have never had any puss or strange discharge, just redness and itchiness. Normally, I swim every day for exercise, so initially I chalked it up to the pool. And, indeed, the pool does exacerbate the rash. But, in the meantime, I’ve gone months without the pool and it hasn’t gone away.

    The rash has improved noticably since it began last july. But, it’s been 8 months, and I can still feel it there under the skin. I have tried pretty much every natural solution possible, and I load up on probiotics. I also saw an MD who confirmed it as yeast.

    Now, the one thing I noticed gave me instant relief and seemed to be hitting the core issue, was submergin the affected area in Apple cider vinegar. But, my lyme/candida specialist said I should stop, because even though vinegar will kill pretty much anything in site, it also feeds candida. I see so many conflicting reports on this, and I generally trust him more than the internet, but I dont know about this. What are your thoughts on using ACV externally like this?

    Any other ideas? I’ve used all oils, garlic, lotrimin, rubbing probiotic powder, tea tree oil, charcoal, salves, eczema creams, goldenseal, vitamins a d and e, etc. etc. I need to find a way to kill the fungus under the skin, so I can get back to swimming.

    thank you for your time!



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    I would consider a different approach. Instead of killing the yeast, I would change the environent internally it can live in. You can do this by repopulating your gut with beneficial flora (probiotics).

    In regards to ACV; there are two types. There is raw ACV which is anti fungal, anti-bacterial, etc. and the candida cannot thrive on this stuff. Then there is the regular distilled ACV (heinz) and this can feed the candida.

    As far as how to treat your sexual organ problem; my naturopath feels that anyone who has this, has candida in their kidneys and need to treat their kidneys. I don’t know how one would go about doing this.



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    thanks so much, researching kidneys candida now. as for creating a beneficial environment, I already take tons of different kinds of probiotics. Live, Pro, Pre, powder, enteric capsule, you name it. Is there something eles I can be doing to promote a better environment?


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    Did you mean that you are uncircumcised? I was confused by the foreskin comment. I have had a persistent lip swelling and rash for about a year. After about three months of the diet (with a little cheating, I admit) I have it down to just some burning sometimes. I think skin issues can be particularly difficult as the places we get yeast on our skin are naturally moist. It is a good idea that you quit swimming, the chemicals can cause a lot of problems. Have you tried using a topical natural antifungal several times a day? Like maybe some teatree oil ointment or coconut oil?

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