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    In mid-October, I was rushed to the hospital. I would have died without treatment, which included surgery, five days of intravenous antibiotics, and another five days of oral antibiotics. Knowing that I was down, my sister sent chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Typical symptoms started. The white coating on my tongue disturbed me the most, because I could no longer eat the hot foods I loved.

    The day after Thanksgiving, I half-heartedly started a GFCF diet to battle what I had determined was Candiditis. On December 7th, I found this place and refined the diet to conform to what was listed here. I started eating only dry salads with sardines, avocados with ground garlic, thin broccoli soup, and a little meat. I drank a lot of water.

    Two days into the diet, I thought I was going to die from the lesions, the pain, and the itching. I scratched myself raw. I became very depressed, but could not afford to see a doctor for the ‘magic yeast killing pill’ about which my friends told me. (Other part of the story: I was a career SAHM for 23 years who is now getting a divorce while soon-to-be-ex sits in detention awaiting trial. Medicaid denied my claim for the hospital visit, and they have been calling me. Can you spell S-T-R-E-S-S?)

    I cried a lot. I discovered that Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion eased the itching. I kept a picture of my children in my head. I reminded myself that the diarrhia had quit, that my tongue looked normal, and that the brain fog was lifting. My children helped encourage me. Others who had been through it also sent encouragement.

    Then, one day, December 16th, the violent itching stopped! The fog completely lifted! The day was worth living! Woohoo! The diet works! I still have stages 2 and 3 to complete, but if you are wondering if it is worth it, consider this my testimony.

    Do the diet EXACTLY as listed. You have to starve those little beasties to death! My diet was boring, but it was also easy on the pocketbook. You can do anything for three weeks when you have a goal in mind. Health feels good.


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    well done Eileen. I think i was like you, I got so ill and so desperate I was willing to try anything. The diet works in time its getting over the die off. Im on week 14 and generally doing better but its so hard isnt it? I find if i have something that doesnt agree with me I itch like crazy too. get well soon x

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