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    I found that most people have parasite overgrowth as well as candida. Some people have done separate parasite flushing and liver flushes to speed things up. anyone know if this is true? I heard that the flushing could do more harm than good but idk


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    I did two liver flushes. It was interesting what came out! I did it because I had a pain in the gallbladder area, and what felt like something stuck there for a week. the liver flush made it go away. I used malic acid capsules and orthophosphoric acid a week before. you could also try chanca piedra if you don’t want to flush – or, as part of the flush prep. a massager used on the back during the flush seemed to help get more stones out. I had a lot my first flush, not so many the 2nd. I did them maybe 6 to 8 months apart. I did the 2nd one because I got another stuck stone, and it too went away.

    Curezone has a good liver flush forum and people share what can go wrong. it’s not 100% safe so do your research. you can get a stuck stone, hurt the kidneys, etc.

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