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    I have been meaning to post for a few weeks, and since more people have been asking about pain in their right side, I’ll share my experience.

    I am about 11 months into treatment but have had candida infestation for about 2 years prior to that, and one of the major concerns that I have had once I started treatment is the pain in my right side. Note that upon starting, I was on a strict diet, diflucan and herbal anti-fungals. It has ranged from dull to sharp on the right, just under the rib area. My doctor ordered an ultrasound to check my gallbladder and liver area for gallstones. The ultrasound did not find any stones.

    The pain only got worse, especially during heavy die off. After doing some searching around, I was led to find that I may benefit from a liver flush, Dr. Clark’s liver flush:

    • I followed the steps for the lemon juice version. I was curious to see if I would get any, and after only the first attempt, I had hundreds of stones ranging from marble sized to small “chaff”. I was shocked at how many came out! You can tell they are stones because they float, and many are pea green colored – some are tan colored, but when you dissect them, they are bright pea green on the inside.
    • The pressure on my side was less, and the pain was less, but seemed to return after a few days. I later read that this is typical, since the stones further up the bilary ducts get pushed forward once there is room from the stones in front being expelled.
    • I performed another flush 2 weeks after the first one. I did not follow the rule of eating no fat for breakfast and lunch, which is a key step, and had less stones, but still in the hundreds.
    • I performed my third flush 2 weeks after that, and had less stones than the 2nd try…until that evening! I passed 4-5 stones the size of a small egg – HUGE! The next morning I passed 5-6 more! 2 weeks later, fourth flush = less small stones, 5-6 large (ping pong ball sized) at night, 5-7 more in the morning.
    • I am planning to do my fifth flush this weekend. The pain before starting this was constant and strong, and now it is dull, usually only noticeable after meals.

    I have had seemingly never ending die off – candida in stool and on penis glans. Only after the 3rd and fourth flush did it finally start to seem under control. I am not passing candida and the glans are not flaring up. It seems as though lessening to burden on the liver and increasing bile flow is the hump I needed to get over in order to reach the next stage.

    I will keep you all posted on my progress.


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    Thanks for sharing this! I have been curious but terrified of the liver cleanse.


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    alexalgebra;40746 wrote: Thanks for sharing this! I have been curious but terrified of the liver cleanse.

    I was really scared to try it, but I am so glad I did. One thing to note is that she recommends apple juice to soften stones prior to the flush – I of course did not drink any apple juice, but I do drink Apple Cider Vinegar daily with a meal. There is also the option of taking Malic Acid to soften the stones.

    I also recommend a high quality olive oil – I used Braggs. It can be difficult to drink a 1/2 cup of olive oil!


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    Did some background reading on this, and apparently bile is directly connected with keeping good bacteria intact. Research showed, that problems to produce bile, lead to bacterial overgrowth problems. Appendix is involved. It can be both SIBO and Candida, parasites we all are dealing with, and struggling for a longer time to restore organ functions and dealing with bacteria in more difficult – fight back mode, instead of fixing liver functions directly with a flush and herbs.

    Do you truly believe, that candida release that many toxic waste, and 100% of it disappears easily to the blood or out of the body? The guy who posted in link i provided, noticed it wisely, they accumulate and make it hard for us to clear out.

    Candida is essential for immune system, when working with other bacteria.

    Do some reading, you will be surprised.


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    that is very interesting, although looking on the preliminary explanation i noted they mention only scan and xray but not ecography which is made by sound. I think you cannot hide a stone with ecography…or am i missing something?

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