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    Hey guys,

    I’m going to be eating lots of chicken and turkey on this diet. Could you please let me know if all meat i buy HAS to be organic even it it’s just 100% meat?

    Could get crazy expensive…


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    It all depends where you live and how the animals have been raised. In the US most of the meat has been fed antibiotics to promote more rapid growth, so yes buying organic is definitely a good thing. In other areas (e.g. europe) there are much stricter regulations and non-organic meat is probably OK.

    If you want organic protein, organic eggs are one of the cheapest ways to get it.


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    Is it worth the risk in consuming antibiotics and hormones that may destroy your beneficial gut flora, some of which may never return? In my opinion its not worth the risk.

    Another factor to consider is what these animals were fed. In america, most of our livestock is fed GMO corn and thus when you consume these animals, you are consuming the geneticall modified food that they ate. You literally are what you eat.


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