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    Hey everyone, I am new to the forums but not to Candida. I have been suffering from this illness for about 3 years and have only started aggressive treatment about 1 month ago. I must say progress is slow and difficult.

    My question is, are tomatoes and onions OK in a candida diet. I have read many conflicting reports saying they are fine, while others say to stay away from both. I was hoping someone had a definitive answer.



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    Hello Roman,

    Onions are allowed, they have antifungal properties. Tomatoes on the other hand are an iffy one because they are technically a fruit. Each tomatoe contains about 3g of sugar as well! Even though this is not a lot it, it’d be best to save them for phase 2 if possible. Or use them sparingly whenever you absolutely have to have them.

    Hope this helps. Onions contain about 5g of sugar per onion as well. I don’t think many of us eat a whole onion at a time though.

    Here is some info:

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