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    So today I am one month into the diet. Although I haven’t ‘cheated’ persay, I haven’t probably eaten as good as I could to maximize killing the Candida. The last 2 weeks I’ve been pretty heavily relying on crackers/rice cakes/bread for my meals. They are all ‘approved’ grains, brown rice flour, almond meal, etc, but I have really overdone it.

    My next month I’m going to try and be much better. I ordered some Kefir grains so I can start making my own kefir. My diet plan is going to be super simplified so I will actually stick to it.

    my daily foods will be…

    Avacoado/Tomato salad – one avacado diced, one tomato diced, on Tbsp Lemon juice and sea salt
    1 cup (or more) of Kefir
    some for of meat daily, beef (limited) chicken, fish
    Veggies – probably won’t eat every day cause I HATE them, but cucumber, celery, lettuce salad, etc
    Eggs – probably won’t eat many as I am BURNT OUT on them too!
    Plus one, yes only one serving of a grain product (brown rice cake, millet & flax bread, pumpkin pie muffin, etc).

    Other stuff I’m taking daily…

    1 Levothyroxine tab – 75mg (for hypothyroid)
    1 Birth Control pill
    1 80 billion Ultimate Flora – next week I’m uping it to 2xday
    Molybdenum – 125mg per day, will up if need be to combat die-off
    Caprylic Acid – 2163 mg per day
    Next week I will start taking GSE, the following week Oil or Oregano, I also have Black walnut I can alternate to if one stops working.

    Does anyone see any flaws in my plan?

    Thanks to everyone for all the support and congratulations to all of those who are finding much success on this diet!


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