On day 2 of my cleanse and I have been throwing up a lot, please help!

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    Hi everybody,

    I started my pre-cleanse on Monday this week and gradually cut out all foods to be avoided and also reduced my meal sizes. By Friday I was only eating vegetables and salad and had vegetable soup for dinner.

    As I am a student I simply cannot afford to pay for 3-4 colon hydrotherapy courses, so after doing some research online, I decided to opt for the colon cleansing kit by Blessed Herbs (a US-based company) for my cleanse. It is very similar to the cleansing advice on this wesite; the detox drink also countains psyllium and bentonite clay, as well as ginger. However, the kit also comes with a digestive stimulator which encourages bowel movement.

    I started taking the digestive stimulator during my pre-cleanse to find out how many capsules I have to take to have at least 2 bowel movements a day. So far so good – I felt absolutely exhausted this week and had quite a bad headache, but apart from that I was fine, no sugar cravings or pain.

    Yesterday I started my liquids only cleanse which consists of one detox drink taken every 3 hours, vegetable broth, lots of water and herbal tea, and 2 capsules of digestive stimulator before bed. I felt very tired yesterday and spent most of the day taking it easy and just relaxing and I also had an early night.

    However, this morning I woke up really early, sick to my stomach, shivering, having an increased heartbeat, feeling hot then cold then hot again, and having the most awful headache. Basically, it felt like the worst hangover in history and I actually thought I might pass out.

    I had a glass of water, which made me feel better, but about 10 min later I had to through up and as I’m on the liquids only cleanse, it was – obviously – just liquid. But it was bright yellow (so is my urine by the way) and I am now very worried that my liver and gallbladder can’t cope with the detox. (I decided not to do the liver cleanse just yet, because I read you need to do a parasite cleanse first as otherwise you will be in a lot more discomfort and the liver wouldn’t be cleansed properly either.)

    On the bright side, I already had 2 bowel movements this morning, although I only had liquids yesterday and hardly anything to eat on Friday. It was a lot and greenish in colour (sorry for the graphic discription, I know it’s not very pleasant), so the cleansing is definitely working.

    I am just really worried about the vomiting. It’s dangerous to take psyllium and bentonite clay when you are vomiting, as you might choke. This is also clearly stated in my clon cleansing kit handbook. However, the handook also says that “whenever the body releases toxins, (…) and/or the liver is functioning weakly, you may experience some discomfort until you regain your balance. (…) The common signs that signal a superficial cleansin reaction might be any of the following: headache, itching, rashes, aching muscles and/or joints, fever, sweating, body odour, bad breath, mouth sores, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sleeplessness, tiredness or exhaustion. The superficial cleansing phace usually passes quickly and does not harm your body.”

    What are your thoughts on this? Has anyone had the same symptoms as me and what did you do to make yourself feel better? I don’t want to discontinue my cleansing period because I know from my bowel movement this morning that it is definitely working.
    I’m just rather scared to have my detox drink (I still haven’t taken it today), because every time I have some water I need to through up, and if the same happens with the psyllium and bentonite clay drink I’d be in real trouble.

    Help please…


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    the die off can be really bad. Mine lasted for a week and i felt horrendous. I know die off can make you really ill and i havent taken the physillum or anything. My advice is if it gets worse just cut back a bit but if its no worse or better then stick with it because once the die off is over its done with. You need to drink loads of water to flush out the toxins. I became so contipated i couldnt go for 4 wqeeks, that was a nightmare, really scary. It will get better. Most people give up at this stage because they cant handle it . Its up to you but
    i think we tend to panic during this time because we all experience different symptoms and think ours is really serious. During the cleanse i had bad breathing problems because my lungs were bunged up, i thought i couldnt do it anymore then i realised the symptoms neither got worse or better so i knew it was as bad as it was going to get so I stuck with it.
    I hope you get better soon. Its the worse part you are dealing with now but you WILL improve!
    love kelly


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    Im on day 4 of anti-candida diet, not taking any cleansing products. i have been so sick, today i though i was going to die. twice now i have woken up with the shakes, become very nauseous, used water to feel better, vomited, hot/cold flashes, with terrible racing heart. its like the worst flu ive ever had. my cravings for sugar are always off the wall just before this happens. both times, i ate a bit of fruit and today had some yogurt and this seems to make me feel better. is this going to put me back to the beginning or just drag out the die off? help me please, im in such bad shape! i didnt think i had a candida problem until my nursing son developed thrush and it transfered to my nipples. ive had problems with sun spots and eat way to much sugar, so i wanted to do this to clean out my system. this is insane!


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    Hey Chelsea I would really urge you to do the 7 day cleanse. It’s tough sure, but once you get past the third or so day it becomes natural feeling. Plus you can start to look forward to all the yummy food you will consume once you finish.

    I’m on day six of the cleanse and have already learned some great thing and some disturbing things. I had my third BM today only to discover some little nasty worms taking residence in my gut. The detox drinks will suck all the bad toxins out of your intestine. I truly think it’s the only way to get a jump start on defeating this



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    Well that sounds like a great idea! A seven day cleanse might perfectly suit your momentary problems. I am doint a cleanse every two months, just to rinse away all the bad stuff that seems to grow inside my body. Of course, I am watching what I am eating and keeping track of every bit that I eat but still you never know all about the bacteria or the bad ingredients because on a lot of products they only write half of the things that are contained.


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    My die-off certainly wasn’t that bad, but I did experience lots of debilitating nausea after taking anti-fungals, like caprylic acid. Ginger tea works miracles in easing symptoms of nausea, so I had a cup every night immediately after taking any herbs. Good luck!


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    I’ve just started too, I am on day 4. I haven’t done a pre-cleanse, I have just bought Erica White’s cookbook and am eating according to that except also following gluten free.

    So far I have had the most insane stomach cramps of my life (today) and some very loose stools! The last 2 days were horrible too, felt so achy all over, couldn’t catch my breath and was quite congested in the evenings.

    It’s so nice to see other people doing this too. Anyone got any knowledge on how to speed this up and how long this might take?

    I’ve started a blog to vent, feel free to have a read and post any comments / show it to anyone you think it might help:


    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Sam x


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    I wonder how much of early die-off is also caused by sugar and/or caffeine withdrawal. Some studies have shown sugar to be like an addictive substance for some people. Withdrawal can be nasty. Caffeine withdrawl, too, can be absolutely horrible. I went off of caffeine gradually. I knew it would be awful if I went cold turkey, so I went from coffee to green tea and gradually made the tea weaker until I stopped. I don’t think I was completely off caffeine until day 10 or so of the diet. Zero headaches or ill effects, though, which I’m glad for. I’m not sure if I just didn’t have a super high candida count or what, but my die-off symptoms were really slight (pronounced fatigue, moodiness). I drank a TON of water everyday, like 80 ounces. That may or may not have helped. I read that it was good to so, so I did it. It certainly can’t hurt to drink a lot of water everyday 🙂 I’m so sorry the die-off has been so very hard. It will be SO WORTH IT though if you keep at it!!!! 🙂 I’m on Week 8 of the diet now, and I’m actually feeling really good again!

    Hang in there.

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