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    I found two kinds of olive leaf extract from amazon, both are Swanson brand.

    Olive Leave Extract

    Full Spectrum Olive Leaf

    Do they have the same ingredient and just the amount is different?

    Label on first one read: Olive leaf extract 750mg

    Label on the second : Olive leaf (olea europaea) 400mg

    I purchased the second one because it is much cheaper, but I am not sure if I got the wrong one or not.


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    For what purpose are you considering using olive leaf extract? If you’re considering using the extract as an antifungal, there are a lot of antifungals out there which are much stronger that you could spend your money on if you’re interested. Olive leaf extract is better at treating viral infections by inhibiting protease in the body.

    Oregano oil is just one of the supplements that are many times stronger than olive leaf as far as an antifungal is concerned. Better yet, keep your money to purchase your next container of coconut oil which destroys the Candida with its fatty acids and also acts as a whole food source supplying needed nutrients and calories.



    Topics: 7
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    Thanks Able!

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