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    Pretty soon I’m going to start the diet. More than a year ago I gave kind of a half attempt at it.

    I noticed that the lack of fiber really affected me. Going to the bathroom was often not a pleasant experience. I usually eat quite a lot of fiber during the day from fruit, mainly apples. Even when using psylium husks, it still wasn’t very pleasant.

    I’m wondering if I can eat the leftover pulp from use of my masticating juicer? If you don’t know what that is, the juicer uses a slow and powerful motion to crush fruits and vegetables that go through it. It supposedly crushes all of the cell walls letting the water and sugar and vitamins and minerals out while expelling the fibrous pulp. My idea was to eat the pulp and just throw away the juice, or give it away to someone.

    Theoretically, the pulp has no sugar and is pretty much just fiber. However, I doubt I can ever be fully sure it is sugar free. Maybe I would use water and strain it again before eating it.

    Anyway, just trying to think creatively to keep my bowels moving regularly.

    Thanks for any help,



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    Fruit pulp would but be a good idea. You get plenty of fiber from veggies but you should also look into a powdered fiber supplement. I use renew life organic triple fiber- flaxseed, oat bran acacia. It’s sugar free and contains soluble an insoluble fiber.


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    You need sugar to beat candida, the sugar will aid you more than the fiber in your fight against candida.

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