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    Hi ya’ll, I have a script for Nystatin, which I never got filled. I tried it the herbal way, with the diet/antifungals like Oregano oil, etc., and it hasn’t cured my leaky gut, as i don’t think i got all of the fungus. I’m going to start over. My biggest issue is that I cannot eat a normal candida diet, as I react to almost all veggies and i react to bitters (i breakout). So I’m limited to avocadoes, fish, almonds. I’ve purchased Seacure (high dose omega 3) and have been on that for 2 months, and also have been supplementing with a high dose of multiple probitiocs (and soon water kefir since i can’t have milk), including saccharomyces boulardii, dds-1, many strains.

    So I’m thinking Lufenuron to knock these suckers out quickly, then maybe nystatin and i also have undecylenic acid. My stool test said i have a +2 (of 4) for candida albicans and am on the edge of it being pathogenic. The test said nystatin will kill them the best (4 of 5) and undecylenic acid is (3 of 5). It didn’t test how well Lufenuron would kill them, but I’ve heard good things from a few, but can’t find too many who have used it.

    Any thoughts? Thank you!



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    Lufenuron doesn’t have any effect on candida. This is very well documented in the medical literature. I followed the web myths about it and ended taking 3 packets of it that bought from England.
    It didn’t do anything. I believe your best friend could be Nystatin and SF-722. Nystatin is an effective drug but the effectiveness depends of what kind of Nystatin you are going to take. Refrigerated powder is the best. Don’t take liquid suspension loaded of sugar normally the pharmacies sale. For Nystatin to work, you need to respect the diet totally and the concentration should be enough to reach the colon. You have to work until you can get 3 000 000 units a day, at least.

    Sf-722 is a good product but acids are known for their rapid intestinal absorption, so the impact in the lower part is low. Anyway, I believe both are better than Lufenuron.



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    If you want to prevent future reactions from fruit or other foods than you need to heal leaky gut. Antifungals won’t prevent this problem, they only will kill the candida that has grown from the foods you eat. To heal leaky gut, you need to eat foods that contain FOS, and there are many foods that contain FOS on the allowed foods list:

    -oat bran

    and more…

    You also need to reduce inflammation of the gut in order to heal leaky gut. You need to eat anti-inflammatory foods basically. Veggies and fruits are generall anti-inflammatory, so is salmon and broccoli. Fermented cod liver oil is highly anti-inflammatory and contains prebiotic properties as well.

    There are lots of supplements you can take to heal leaky gut as well:

    There are ways to heal leaky gut:

    Glutamine is fairly effective to heal leaky gut. Its main plus is that it helps reduce problems associated with sugar sensitivity and sugar allergies.

    Cinnamon pearls.

    Inulin and foods with FOS are an easy way to help heal leaky gut; get some inulin (aka miracle fiber) and sprinkle it on the foods that you eat (or in foods that you bake). It heals leaky gut as well.

    Other ones:
    Grape bitters (or other bitters)
    Digestive enzymes (I take one called pro-gest)

    Here’s dvgorge’s list from another post:

    There are a lot of supplements that can help to repair the intestinal lining.
    The first thing is to correct what is causing it including chronic stress.
    If you have a pathogenic overgrowth in the intestines or an intolerance such as gluten intolerance the lining won’t repair until you addressed it.

    Slyppery Elm.
    Aloe Vera
    Omega 3
    N Acetyl Cysteine.
    Vitamin E
    L. Glutamine.
    Bee Pollen



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    Mike, Is this test a conventional type of test that an MD would be familiar with and that insurance might cover? Or is it a more alternative type of test that you’d get through a ND?

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