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    Hi Everyone, I’m new here so I don’t know if this has been discussed or not but I need some advice here is my situation.
    I was diagnosed with systemic candida about 2 months ago after suffering for almost 10yrs. The doctor put me on Diflucan, but after 2 weeks of taking it I was taken off of it because it made my platelet count drop. I was taken off everything to give my system a chance to recover the platelet count. Once it was normal again I was switched to Nystatin. I don’t know if anyone on here has taking Nystatin but I really don’t know if it is working or not, all the articles I read on line talk about the horrible die-off it has, I have been taking it for 2 weeks with no die-off at all. How do I know if it is actually working? Another issue is the sugar in it, the bottle is 50% sugar!!! Why is there sugar in an anti-fungal when the sugar feeds it? I have been on a sugar-free candida diet for about 2 months, and the only thing that I have noticed is that my food allergies/sensitivities are all coming back!!! My gut feeling is that the sugar in it is actually feeding it instead of helping, every morning I wake up with a white slime coated tongue and lips, if it was helping, wouldn’t this be going away?
    anyone have any advice? I am also on probiotics/kefir, and other supplements beside the Nystatin, I just am not seeing results!


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    Very interesting, Jules.
    I’m afraid I can’t help you as I avoided all prescription antifungals during my treatment. The local Nystatin expert is Jorge, maybe he can explain this for you. He’ll probably tell you not to take it by mouth.



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    oh really? Do you mind if I ask what you are taking? I’m looking for an alternative but I don’t know what is good or not good. I’m really trying to have faith in my doctor but things just don’t seem right.


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    Yeah you dont want the nystatin sugar kind, ive made that mistake too. A lot of doctors dont understand this syndrome the way we do. Also, diflucan aka fluconazole is not very good either in my opinion, only made me feel sick. Antifungals taken orally have their limits because of the breakdown in the body and absorbtion in the blood before they reach the colon where the colonies of candida thrive.

    Nystatin powder is used dissolved in water for enema’s to target the candida directly. There are more alternatives too, personally I use a water purifier with amazing results. PM me if you want to know more. 10 years is way too long to be walking around with this.


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    Try out natural antifungals if you don’t think nystatin is working. Are you doing a strict diet or eating regular?


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