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    Has anyone got experience with successfully breastfeeding a baby while on the candida diet?

    My 5 month old baby has has oral thrush for about 3 months. He was given a 2 week course of antibiotics when he was 3 days old after getting a staph infection in his eye in hospital.

    I tried anti-fungal drops from the chemist as prescribed by the doctor in hope it wasn’t candida but as weeks turned into months and the thrush is still there I am assuming it’s candida. He has a slight nappy rash on and off in his bottom.

    I have myself always struggled with vaginal thrush and when I am pregnant I had oral thrush. My mother also struggled with thrush and candida.

    I am currently giving my baby homeopathic drops plus a probiotic and I am taking a probiotic myself.

    I tried initially to cut all fruit, grains and nuts and eat mostly green veg and some protein and I last about 3 days and was at the point of fainting. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my baby and he feeds every 2 hours.

    So I then introduced some quinoa, green apples, buckwheat flour, almond butter, almond milk.

    I am struggling big time to be honest. Baby wakes frequently in the night to feed so I am exhausted and trying to stick with this diet it’s driving me crazzzzzzzzy!!!! Sometimes I lash out and have something I shouldn’t be eating (not yeast or refined sugar but say, some wheat or honey or something) and then bubs gets more thrush and I feel as tho I am ruining his digestive system!!

    I believe I have thrush on my nipples from baby’s mouth so I have been cleaning them after a feed with dilated tea-tree oil.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or been there ?

    My baby is very happy and is developmentally well in every other aspect.

    Right now I have had dinner then gave baby a big feed before bed and now I am starving. Like sooooo hungry I want to devour say a whole cake or something. I am sure this is the candida as my blood sugar levels have dropped after feeding?!
    I think I will go and eat an avocado.


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    Hi! Years ago I tried high amounts of vitamin C. There was also a three part cream that was mixed and put on nipples. If this post works I will find it and post it after. Also found a natural health person that got me on candisol by Bairn biologics. Maybe you can find it locally or a local supplier. I found it mail order out of Arizona. Best~


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    Amazing. I tried posting last year on a laptop and it would not let me. Jack Newmans all purpose nipple cream… You mix it yourself.

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