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    Overall, Molybdenum is a tremendous help when it comes to the aldehyde toxins that Candida expel into the body. It alleviates the toxicity caused by the aldehydes unlike any other supplement as well as being a great protection for the liver against the powerful toxins.

    However, as with all powerful supplements, there are always potential risks. Molybdenum, when taken continuously in high amounts can cause increases in the production of uric acid. Uric acid is one of the major antioxidants of the body, but too much of even a good thing can sometimes cause problems. This is the reason I’m asking that, if you choose to use Molybdenum, which personally I believe is a smart move, please use it in the amounts that we suggest or less; this is because we’ve already experimented with it in these amounts and know that it is safe if taken in the manner we suggest.

    If you have to continue using Molybdenum for a prolong period of time because of continuing die-off, you can add nettle leaf capsules and/or tea to your regimen as well as malic acid tablets. These two supplements will remove uric acid and the Nettle will also provide a copper supplement which may be needed with prolonged use of Molybdenum.


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