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    Hello everyone!

    I’m an seventeen year old guy that struggles with exhaustion and memory problems and recently started to think that it’s caused by candida. I have that white coat on my mouth and some of the symptoms. I don’t have nail problems, my digestion is realtively good. I’m struggling with exhaustion and I went to doctor and everything was just fine.

    If I have candida will I be able to cure it completely?


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    A simple test you can try at home is to spit into a glass of water first thing in the morning. Have the glass ready the night before. If your spit starts to grow tentacles and later turns into yeasty silt on the bottom I would say that is a good indicator. I am no expert but thought I would share this.


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    The spit test is unreliable.

    You can read this on this forum (use the search function at the upper right of each page). There’s also independent confirmation of the unreliability of the spit test.

    If you really have candida, you can never “cure” it completely. Everyone has candida: it’s on your skin, in your nose and mouth, in your esophagus, in your intestines – it’s almost everywhere, and that is a normal condition.

    The only problem is that some people have too much candida. Due to some imbalance, candida overgrows, and then there’s way more candida and possibly too few other bacteria (because the candida took their place). In other words, if you have a candida problem, it’s not the fact that you have candida that’s the problem, it’s the overgrowth of candida that’s problematic.

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