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    Hello everyone,

    I bought 100% buckwheat noodles/ soba here in Japan. However, the package says that it was made in a place where wheat is handled. How should I proceed? Any and all advice is welcome and appreciated, thank you.

    Side questions:
    1.I’ve seen people say that Almond butter and Almond flour are both fine and bad. Which is it? I’ve got some ‘raw/organic’ Almond butter here that would taste great with the coconut bread 🙂
    2. When I first started the detox phase, I felt really fatigued and would always get light headed getting up. Then, 3 days in, I started eating eggs- a lot of eggs. This made me feel better and am wondering if what I experienced then was die off or simply lack of food. I also experienced some irregular bowl movements, which I’ve combatted by consuming coconut oil and chia seeds (fiber helps, right?).
    3. Can I consume commercial greek yogurt/ kefir? I see some local products that have no sugar/ additives and live cultures. I’ve also got unsweetened plain almond milk from Almond Breeze. Is that okay?



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    Personally I think that just tends to be a way of getting out of lawsuits due to people having allergic reactions. For me (without any gluten/wheat allergies or reactions, other than feeding candida of cource) I would eat it, starting with small amounts (as you should with any new food).

    I’m going to answer your 2nd question first as the other two are linked.
    It could of been die off, it could of been lack of food or it could simply of been your body adjusting to a different diet, assuming you were eating a typical western diet of various carbs, some veg and meat (or processed meat substitute) it’s a big change for the body to start digesting and using solely veg for energy. I know I went through a withdrawal from sugar and carbs and felt crappy. As long as you are feeling better and eating some protein (eggs) I wouldn’t worry.

    The internet is filled with different ideas of what is and isn’t allowed. Just try searching for anti-candida foods rice and you will see loads say yes you can have brown rice, rice cakes, rice crackers etc and others say NO RICE OF ANY SORT. Some sites suggest the differences are down to individuals digestive systems, some can handle things better than others, some have (usually mild) allergic reactions because the gut is inflamed from the candida being there and now being aggressive trying to survive and others claim it just plains feeds/supports the candida. Whilst other things might increase die off, creating a mass of toxins in your body that can be damaging.
    Unless you are battling extreme symptoms that is making life unbearable I’d stick to the cleansing diet for a few weeks and then eat a small amount and see if you notice any difference for the next two days.

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