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    Hello all. I’m turning 25 this month, feeling my youth is fading away only to be replaced be an overall horrific disease, where no doctor will/can help.

    Since I don’t get any better, I will try to list down the stuff I take and eat. I’ve been having symptoms since childhood, always very sensitive to all factors that relates to a fungal related disease. Overall, it seems that I’m very bad at fighting my own endogenous yeast, never could eat the ”unhealthy” stuff other kids could.

    After taking broad spectrum antibiotics in summer 2010, my symptoms (both physiological and physical) exploded, found out it was some sort of fungus summer 2011, got treated with Diflucan (fluconazol, systemic antifungal drug), after 1 month diet and medicine I was feeling better then I ever had before in my life. Due to lack of knowledge (my own and doctors) diet and medicine was discontinued.
    For 2 years i have been fighting C. Albicans/ore related fungus, with different anti-fungal medication, diet and now probiotics. I’ve managed to be completely symptom free some periods (weeks), but every time a new drug introduced or, as it was the case last time I got better, a first time introduction of a probiotic – the fungus comes back, more resistant and aggressive.

    I can not get any real help from my ordinary doctor, he agreed to prescribe most antifungal drugs for me, but has no real knowledge of this kind of infections. Bear in mind, that I had these symptoms since childhood, and some of my family members had/have them too, getting worse in damp hot weather and everything that comes with a fungus related disease. My own theory is a genetic disposition from my mothers side of the family, but this is only theory.
    I’ve been tested summer 2011, stool, blood works, everything. It was summer, very dry for weeks and I had been in good health for some weeks (what a great time btw), actually I really tried to eat some wrong stuff, not to bad, but loads more of starchy stuff. All test where negative, I was in absolute good health they told me – And I was, until some rainy damp summer days, all hell broke loose again. They can test me again through my own doctor, however, their treatment is purely drugs (I think, don’t actually know. In my country C. Albicans is treated with antifungal drugs, diet is completely unnecessary). My thoughts on this is that my own treatment is better then theirs, call me naive, but had so many bad experiences with doctors on this topic.

    Here is the things I take. I’ve been on nystatin the most of the time. I did stop taking medication 3-4 times hence many doctors had me convinced that there is no such thing as an overgrowth of c. albicans unless I was immunesupressed. Every time I stop, I get worse, especially on rainy days.

    2 nystatin pills after each meal. 500.000 i. e pr. pill
    1-2 Multidophilus pills between each meal (each contains 1-3 billion L. Acidophilus and 2 other beneficial batceria stems, same quantity pr. capsule)
    Brentan gel, oral. Antifungal drug for oral use(contains sugar! I get a lot of exemia from this, really bad)
    At this time: Itraconazole, for systemic use, 1 capsule a day, 100mg. This is for 30 days only. They only help 2-3 hours, and makes the fungus more aggressive.

    Vitamins and minerals:
    Normal multivitamin and mineral pill
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin C
    Sometimes omega 3
    Thinking about to get some biotin(vitamin H) to use with the probiotics, has the same effect on c. albicans as olive oil, prevents the fungus to convert.

    Strict candida diet food. Loads of the green stuff. I really don’t want to list all the stuff, but the diet is the very thing I managed good on this. Nu sugar, only few complex carbs and so on, you all know the drill.

    Note to food:
    1. I may have the condition ”fructose malabsorption”, family member has this. I don’t eat stuff containing large amounts of fructose (diet related: onions, coconut).
    2. .……This is a very important one: I do not eat garlic, ginger, cinnamon, liquorice root, ipé roxo ore any other natural candida fighter that also kills bacteria. And there is a very good reason for this;
    The first year on diet, i ate a lot of garlic, fresh onion and oil of oregano. I helps like fluconazol does, good at the beginning, but the fungus returns after ½-1 hour, aggressive. In addition to this: I diddent eat any probiotics. My candida gets worse from most stuff that contains lactose, therefore I did not eat yoghurt. (note: I have enough lactase enzyme in my gut, tested). After I quit using most of the anti-fungal/antibiotic food i got better. Now I can hardly eat any garlic (½ clove a day, every second day). Every time I overdo it with that kind of food, even with stuff like fresh coriander I worsen my candida for several days.
    Still, I use extra virgin olive oil (also keeps the candida from converting), loads of red cabbige, fish (omega 3, kills fungus, not bacteria), advocados, and some others that I can’t remember right now, but mainly food that contains fatty acids against fungi and don’t work that well against bacteria.

    Now I eat a yoghurt called A38, containing aprox. 30 milion L. acidophilus pr. 100ml, I will try another one with aprox. 800 million units pr. 100ml. I can digest A38 a lot better then I could before, but I still get a little rash from eating it (as I always have from eating products containing lactose).

    My symptoms are those of the normal picture most people on here know, however there is one difference:
    I get rashes from all non-wholegrain breads, sugar, cow meat, pork, most fruits and milk/yugurt (believe less from the probiotic yugorts, but not sure). The thing is, I get the reaction (rash) right after I eat fruits, sugar and so on (not pork and cow), as soon as the stuff hits the bloodstream. Pork and cow is a bit slower, but also gives a lot of rash.
    The rash is treated with cortison (note: A steroid hormone) mostly, works great. Besides, I don’t get the rash on the diet – only when I take Brentan oral, due to its sugar content. I’ve tried treating the rash with clotrimazol and metronidazol, but it makes no difference, only hydrocortison helps.

    Now, I am not quite sure what to ask on all this, but help. I don’t know what to do next.. I feel I’m somehow stuck, and feeling that this condition is inherited from my mother and only worsen by taking antibiotics summer 2010.

    Sorry for any typos 🙂


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    i feel ur pain and im here for u . i have this from antibiotics also ,living everyday in pain is soo hard and i understand your frustration .the stuff u take with sugar stop taking .im not sure what to say about the antifungals making u feel worse do u think mayb this is die off and it will pass ?


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    I did’nt have the die-off reactions for some time, only when it get worse over a rainy period of time and I then get better when it stops, in that progress I experience the same dieoff symptoms as I did when I started antifungal treatment.

    I will try to look into using Kefir and a stronger probiotic, containing more billions of bacteria then those I use now. I’ve stopped using Brentan, due to it’s sugar content, getting a nystatin containing antifungal drug for oral use instead. Would be here in a couple of days.


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    The probiotics have 2 be 30 billion or more & refrigerated , I am going to take udos choice 30 billion twice a day


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    It may be important to note that Candida typically will build a resistance to many natural anti-fungals and prescription anti-fungals. This is why they seem to work a first then loose effectiveness.

    I believe the site recommends switching out anti-fungals every 2 weeks. If you use Oil of Oregano for example for 3 months everyday, chances are that its doing 0 good because the candida has built a resistance.


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    I would try out taking natural antifungals and higher grade probiotics. I would also try out taking HCL which is very important for those who have skin conditions:–written-by-Dr–McCoombs.aspx

    If you are eating things like rice, beef and pork, this can be very problematic. Your diet may not be strict enough.



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    It’s quite difficult to gain enough focus to writhe in English at the time.

    From tomorrow and on I will take the following:

    1. As you told me, a higher grade of probiotic: Udo’s choice (actually, before mentioned in this tread, I saw this in a local biostore). 30 billion, 1 early in the morning before anything eaten. And again 2 hours after the last meal in the evening, before bedtime.

    2. A non-sugar containing oral suspension of nystatin, after each meal.

    I’m not eating pork, beef ore rice.

    But I believe that there is way to many carbohydrates in my diet, and then again there is to little variation in it. If I eat less carbs, I loose weight to fast (already lost 10kg, unfortunately most muscletissue)

    Here is what I eat in a day:

    In the morning: before breakfast: 2 multidophilus pills (6 billion bacteria)
    Plain yoghurt that has a larger amount of lactobacillus then normal, but only 2-3 tablespoons, it’s still diary.

    After that, I make the real breakfast: 2 pieces of non-yeast wholegrain bread, toasted and soaked in olive oil. Scrimps on top, onion, avocado, green salads with white and red cabbage.

    I make a big salad for the whole day to put onto my food, containing green stuff, cabbage and so on, nothing for the candida.

    2. meal: could be 1 omelet (3 eggs) with salads an 2 pieces of same bread. A little garlic sometimes.

    3. meal: yoghurt, occasionally with sunflower seeds ore pumpkin seeds

    4. meal: salads, mostly fried fish with damped or fresh vegetables. Comes along with wholegrain pasta or same bread.

    5. meal: yoghurt again.

    As I mentioned earlier: After each meal: 2 nystatin pills, and the oral suspension.
    before bedtime: 2 multidophilus again.

    Now this would be the kind of food I would eat in a low-energy day, other days I have the energy to make some different recipes.

    As you can clearly see, I have cut out most natural antifungals, this is due to the theory that I took a lot of them last year and only got worse (far worse then I am now).

    I can’t believe that a very high dosage of antibacterial food such as garlic without taking ANY probiotic, not even simple yoghurt does anything good for the gut flora.

    My experience is that the more probiotics and helpers for bacteria I eat, the more benefits I get from.. lets say peppermint tea which is antifungal and antibacterial too.

    Since I’ve almost systematic have destroyed my gut flora, the plan is to build up more bacteria from the lactobacillus stems and THEN introduce more natural anti-fungals.

    What do you guys think of this?

    Also: Damp and muggy areas: My apartment lacks of a proper ventilation system, however it’s very could outside at the time, so I open windows often to get in the dry air. I worsen VERY much in humid climate, anyone have good advice here?
    I even plan to throw out my only plant.

    /sorry if there is too much bad gramma.


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    If you want to go on a more strict diet, I would definitely cut out the bread/pasta, even if they are yeast-free. You don’t want to be having anything made of wheat, rice, quinoa, millet, etc. Same with the sunflower and pumpkin seeds – they can be irritating and have mold. I was trying to eat them still, but it was obvious that they were not digesting well and that they were a problem for me.


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    I could cut out more of the carbs, but I have tried eating protein and fats only, that’s where I get too skinny and my overall health decreases very much. I got ill from almost anything and certainly not better regarding c. albicans. However, I’ll try it once again, counting how many calories I get in a day.

    Note: If the body only gets proteins and fats, it will turn them into ketones, this means no glucose -> No activity of the pancreas -> over time leads to diabetes type 1.

    Thanks for feedback 🙂


    Lady K
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    Hi Klips,
    I feel your pain, myself i have had a huge struggle with candida for a long time now since im young and still doesnt seem to go away but have managed to keep it at least dormant. I think every body reacts differently to this disease and that some things might work for some and other might make them worst thats why you have to listen to your body and if it doesn’t feel right discontinue. I can tell you that for me, i have severely restricted my carbohydrates and have seen much better results. I find that legumes will often set me off again like chickpeas and lentils so i try to be careful with those. I also stay away from cashews but I do eat alot of lower carb nuts (almonds especially) which are high in fats and oils which keep my weight steady. I stay as far away from canned foods as possible because they contain an ingredient called citric acid and candida feeds off of this as well. I take a combination of 2 different anti-fungals and continue them for 10 days MAX and then switch it up. I also take a 50 billion probiotic once a day before i go to sleep and drink LOTS of water (3 litres).

    But the thing i think that has helped me the most is the chinese medicine that i am using in combination its called Hsiao Yao Wan. Its a combination of herbs chinese herbs including liquorice root extract which you can find the list here:
    People like us might have an imbalance in our systems making our systems stagnant which also causes dampness in our bodies and making it a good place for candida to grow… the herb repairs the liver qi and invigorates the spleen functioning. Unfortunately you have to be patient with this herb because it can take up to a month to take effect but since i have been taking this herb i have had a lot less relapses and am a lot less sensitive to carbs and no more menstral cramps (YAY!!!).

    Also something really important is to listen to your body; if you get the urge to overeat something your tasting… just put it down (thats candida speaking)
    meditation and light exercises like yoga is essential to drying up the moisture in your body.

    I have been on the diet for almost 2 years now and seem to be getting better VERY slowly but it is a struggle
    Stay positive and find ways to enjoy yourself even though you have this ball and chain… its important for recovery

    I hope this helps



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    klips32;33281 wrote: Note: If the body only gets proteins and fats, it will turn them into ketones, this means no glucose -> No activity of the pancreas -> over time leads to diabetes type 1.

    The forum diet that most of the members are using does not include only proteins and fats; it advocates more vegetables than anything else.

    One serving of asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, green beans, and iceberg lettuce contains 2 g of sugar.
    One serving of green cabbage contains 3 g of sugar.
    A serving of bell pepper contains 4 g of sugar.
    One serving of onion contains 9 g of sugar.
    A serving of broccoli contains 4 g of sugar.

    Rutabagas are recommended as an every-day-antifungal on the protocol; they contain 10 grams of sugar per serving.

    Avocados can be eaten daily on the diet; one avocado contains approximately 17 grams of carbohydrates.

    It’s recommended on the forum diet that (3) different vegetables are eaten at least (4) times a day and at least one vegetable with snacks.

    Coconut flour bread is a staple which can be eaten at every meal on our forum diet. Coconut flour contains 32 grams of carbohydrates
    per 1/2 cup.



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    Lady K:

    I will try to rotate an antifungal every 10th day too from now. The current is coconut oil with some others.
    I find you advise on moisture in the body a little strange, the body is mostly water, to try to try it out is not possible. All mammals have a GI track that is “moist and damp”, see basic anatomy/physiology. Yoga and meditation affects mostly very different systems in the body. I will avoid canned food, although its quite hard to do, I used to eat loads of tuna, sardins and other canned fish 🙂 The herbs you link to are interesting, looks like a blend of herbs with loads of antimicrobial uses. Thanks for help!

    Thanks for the insight Able, I had forgotten about many of the green vegetables still contain carbohydrates.

    I’ve tried to log my overall food intake yesterday, actually I end up with 3038Kcal that day, thats aprox 500kcal higher then a person with my weight and hight should eat. So good, I should not loose weight. I will log the food in a new tread.

    I’m going to make a new journal on this site, will read the protocol you’ve made (able, raster) and log everything.


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    I keep an online food log as well as a journal of my candida journey. PM me if you want the links to either. I would not worry about weight as it will definitely even itself out. I think most people drop a lot of weight in the beginning of the diet, then slowly gain it back (and then some) as their body gets healthy and finds the weight it wants to be.

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