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    I would be most grateful for any help or advice anyone can offer.
    I’ve bene tryoig to self diagnose myself and am coming ot the conclusion that i may have candida in some form.

    For the last 2 winters i’ve been on the edge of a cold throat the whole time.I wen to see my GP and the results of his examination and blod tests showed that i am healthy.

    My symptons went away in June of last year but came back in early September.
    I love my sport, i love to run but i found that everytime i sent for a simple jog, it made me feel run down and i caught a cold within days.I seem to have a persistent sore throat which goes away when the weather is warm or when i’m well rested.

    My wife is a life long depression and anxiety sufferer and i confess that i find it hard to cope with her condition, ie i find it very upsetting and stressful.I have busted my guts to try to help her over the years but i dont seem to make mmuch headway.

    Anyway i just wondered if anyone recongnises my symptoms and whether you think it might be candida? If so I’d be most grateful if for any advice with regard to trying to cure myself.

    Many thanks
    Rob, age 45


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    Hello, Rob.

    I’ve had Candida for four months, and I think most who have experienced it would agree that, considering you do not need to lose any weight at all, you should try to find a naturalist/holistic doctor to see if he can diagnose you as having Candida before you start any diet.

    I’ve already lost 33 pounds on this diet, but admittedly, I completely lost my appetite in the beginning, and have only recently recovered it. I have now been stationary at a particular weight for about three weeks, which I consider to be a large success.

    I could tell by the foods which I could and could not eat that my problem was Candida, that plus my main symptom, which was the yeast being concentrated on my bottom lip, which is in itself a symptom.

    Do you eat sugar? Even sugar substitutes can contain Dextrose, which for me and most of us gives the same reactions as sugar. If you do consume sugar, and have other or a worsening of symptoms afterwards, you could try leaving all sugar products out of your diet and see what if any results you experience.

    Many experts claim that Candida is often the result of a poor immune system, and stress can certainly cause a weakened immune symptom.
    Below are the most common symptoms of Candida.

    abdominal gas and bloating
    excessive fatigue
    cravings for alcohol
    rectal itching
    cravings for sweets
    inability to think clearly or concentrate
    mood swings
    sinus inflammation
    pre-menstrual syndrome
    poor memory
    persistent cough
    low sex drive
    muscle weakness
    learning difficulties
    sensitivity to fragrances and/or other chemicals
    cognitive impairment
    athlete’s foot
    sore throat
    acid reflux
    chronic pain
    localized yeast breakout

    Good luck to you, I sincerely hope you can find what your problem is.

    Please keep us posted as the time goes by.
    Thanks, Able


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    Hi, I agree with previous entry. Besides the athletes foot and the alcohol cravings I’ve had everything on that list and THEN some! I was hospitalised for unexplained kidney pain, and even experienced excruciating joint pain. It’s a struggle when your closest people start telling you that you gotta start thinking positive and “it’s all in your head.” Don’t just read one article or visit one sight – there’s a WEALTH of info out there from all sorts of perspectives. it’s trial and error to find one that suits you.

    If your wife is a life long depression sufferer, she may consider if Candida affects her too. After all, you probably eat pretty much the same thing, and genetic pre-disposition to depression can be severely aggravated by Candida’s depression symptoms. The search for answers, if done WITH your wife, may help to ease the stress which in and of itself causes candida to flourish.

    As for your cold – I had recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, which eventually was diagnosed as asthma. It has eased tremendously in a short time with the candida eating programme I’ve devised for myself from sites such as this brilliant one! Your cold appears to be triggered by stress – physical strain AND emotional/psychological wear and tear with your wife being ill. But I’m no doctor, and the doctors are baffled anyway so all we candida sufferers have anyway are each other. Can’t hurt to do the candida cure!

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