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    Hi everyone,

    Well the last few days have kind of sucked. I had noticed in the last two weeks that my skinny jeans were tighter on my calves, but I thought I had just gained weight from the diet-since without grains, sugar and all the stuff we can’t have I was eating more of what I could have… Then to my horror I woke up two mornings ago to find my feet, ankles, calves and thighs (but mostly my lower legs) completely swollen with fluid-I believe the medical term is edema, my stomach area hurting and feeling unwell. I actually had no ankles-that’s how bad the edema was (my ankles were the same size as my calves), and when I went to the doctor and took off my boots for her to look at my legs, the boots had become tight due to the edema and pushed some of the fluid up, so I had this weird bulge in the top of my calves-it was disgusting. The doctors also found blood in my urine, and they weren’t very happy to learn about this diet (got the worst look from the doctor when she heard about it-funny-but sort of not funny at the same time if you know what I mean). I am still waiting for my blood test and chest x ray to come back, and I have yet to get my ultrasound. I’ve had to go off the diet (this was extremely upsetting when I found that after a month of work I would have to get off the diet) for the health of my kidneys (but kidney health is important-especially since I think if I continued I could have eventually caused kidney failure?).

    So, while I am waiting for the pain and fluid in my legs to go away I am finding that I am extremely confused about what to do next.

    I have to wait for the results to come back before I can say what caused it-but from what I gather from the doctor they think it is the fact that my kidneys are overloaded from too much protein, and from the licorice extract from the adrenal support medicine I was taking. Now I was alternating between eating 1 serving of lean meat a day, the next day no meat and then 2 servings of lean meat every other day (like some shrimp for lunch and some chicken for dinner every other day). But I was also having a lot of kefir-which apparently I now find out is extremely high in protein, and I have now found out that staying on licorice extract too long can cause problems. So I think it was a commbo of all three (I’m off all 3 now)-especially since I am a skinny 21 year old female, who even before the candida diet ate fairly healthy (I never ate out and was on a previous wheat free, gluten free, sugar reduced and dairy free diet before the candida diet). I didn’t and don’t think I had kidney problems or weak kidneys or heart problems.

    So, I was seeing two naturopaths before (1 only twice and the other frequently), and I don’t think I am going back to either. I’m a little angry that the naturopath didn’t know to take me off the licorice extract before it caused harm, and the other whom I saw before the gp was convinced the edema was caused by a bladder infection-which the doctor confirmed was not-and told me to continue eating protein and taking licorice extract-this would have turned out badly if I hadn’t gone to see the doctor. The 2nd naturopath also attributed my acne to candida the first time I saw her, and then changed to facial bacteria the second time I saw her. (sigh of fustration).

    So, for the past two days I’ve been off the candida diet, and this is the part that confuses me. What to do next. Should I go back on the candida diet? What would be best for my kidneys(especially since I still have edema)? Should I switch to a healthy diet that is not as strict as the candida diet?? I am hoping that the month I spent on the candida diet was enough to cure my candida-being as hopeful as possible-and that I will be able to handle a healthy diet, and that my acne won’t come back.

    I was thinking of doing a diet that is:

    No Wheat (other non-wheat grains instead)
    No Gluten
    No Yeast
    No egg yolk (egg whites instead-as apparently I’m allergic to egg yolk)
    No Cow’s Milk/Products (Definitely allergic to cow’s milk- few acne cysts went away when I stopped drinking kefir in last day-I’m having goat milk, goat butter, coconut milk or almond milk)
    No Vinegar
    No Corn products
    No ketchup
    No mushrooms, fungi, mold
    No Bananas/Watermelon, except for occasionally
    No aspartame
    No refined sugar/sugar cane
    No pork, red meat-only lean meat, seafood and fish
    2 servings of vegetables per day (I was having this anyway)
    No processed/junk foods
    No white starchy foods
    No potatoes
    No citric acid or MG
    Coconut is ok
    Only 2 pieces of fruit per day
    No fruit juice, only water, tea
    Pure organic dark chocolate??
    Stevia ok
    Agave syrup, honey??
    Sweet potatoes, yams??

    -going back on fruit and grains recommended by doctors…

    I guess I don’t know what to do about the non-wheat grains?

    Which ones should I have? (rice, oats, barley, amaranth, quinoa, millet….etc.)

    I’m not sure about things like carrots, tomatoes, nuts, almond milk-ha, actually I’m not sure about the whole diet-hopefully my horrible acne doesn’t come back.

    I want to go in for a blood food allergy test, but I’m not even sure if they are reliable-I figure that if I can’t be on the candida diet at least I can try and find out for certain what I am allergic to once and for all and avoid it, instead of sort of knowing and guessing and maybe after a month of the candida diet my gut is healed and just avoiding food allergies will be enough.

    I guess I just wanted to share my experience, and to wrap it up I would just like to say that even if you don’t think you have kidney problems, if you are on the candida diet just be on the look out for pants that seem tighter on the lower legs or any lower leg swelling. Also, be aware that kefir and any animal products like dairy, and beans are also very high in protein-so if you are consuming them with meat be careful. Also, be careful with licorice extract-don’t take it for too long or maybe not at all??

    I also don’t know what I now think of naturopaths-maybe they aren’t as good as I thought??

    Anyways, Merry Christmas


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    K Yikes!

    I just read that there is some scientific research that people who get acne have bad livers and that is why they get acne, because unlike other people their bodies can’t flush out the hormones produced from dairy and sugar or something. This is freaky as the doctor did also mention something about my liver-and the ultrasound paper is for my kidneys and liver-interesting and somewhat scary…huh maybe that is why I have edema and no one else on this candida diet seems to have gotten it??

    Has anyone here ever had edema problems??



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    Dear Caitie!
    I am very sorry to hear about your suffering. Could you please tell me which diet you followed. Was it the one we have here in the forum or did you follow the one on the candida diet webpage. We here on the forum the one Able and raster designed dont favour a lot of protein! Protein which is broken down in the body will produce ammonium which is a toxin we dont want suffer. The body already suffers enough in the cleansing, healing and toxins the candida where throwing in to our body while living or dying. As I remember advices Able not to have more than twice a week organic chicken or fish from the food allowed list.

    What we allow as a protein intake is organic eggs and kefir.

    I personal didn’t have experienced any kind of unhealthy situation.

    Before I came here I followed a anti candida diet which was mainly based on meet and fat. This gave me a overload of toxins resulting in a full blown out panic attack, where my body freaked out with all the toxins in my body. When I came here Able pointed me out to the fact that we dont want too much protein in our system.

    here is a quote from Able:
    The problem with animal protein is that it releases ammonia into your body when the natural enzymes bread it down for absorption. The ammonia poisons your liver and other organs of your body, plus it adds to a beneficial environment in which the Candida can thieve and multiply their numbers.

    You could eat very young fish such as sardines or even wild salmon a few times a week, but for a month at least I would limit the amount. When I was doing the treatment, I didn’t really stop getting immediate reactions after eating until I cut the animal protein out of my diet, especially red meat and pork. This may not be everyone’s case, but what it says is that animal protein and the ammonia it releases is detrimental to the Candida treatment.

    I hope you purchased organic eggs which will eliminate the antibiotics and hormones which other chickens are given and eventually end up in your body when you eat these.

    Merry Christmas to you and a speed return to full health!



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    I am very sorry to hear what you are going through. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    I am really interested to hear what they determine was the cause of your edema. Hopefully, they will take the time to give you the real answers instead of taking something they do not know much about (candida diet) and blaming it for your problems if that was not the case. I am also curious why they asked that you start eating fruit and grains again and how that would help with your edema. I hope any changes you make help you to feel better. 🙁

    Does anyone know how many grams of protein are recommended per day while we are on this diet? I think based on my weight, I’m suppose to get something around 55 (according to those calculations most recommend). Is it recommended that we get around that but not too much over to avoid added stress on our bodies?



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    Caitie wrote: I also don’t know what I now think of naturopaths-maybe they aren’t as good as I thought?

    Your paragraph concerning your naturopaths adds up to just one more reason to avoid them unless you are “100% certain” that they know exactly what they are doing and are aware of their knowledge concerning a Candida infestation. As I’ve stated many times before, any doctor, including naturopaths can cause a Candida infestation to grow worse, not to mention that their advice can cause other problems in your body such as you’re now experiencing.

    Anyone with even a mild kidney problem should avoid high doses and long term use of licorice root because it can cause the body to retain fluid. I’m wondering how long your doctor had you on the licorice?

    The diet you were on was not that bad other than all the animal protein you were ingesting. This was far too much ammonia being released which was probably causing a build-up of ammonia in the blood which would have caused the edema.

    The new diet you described contains fruit, Agave syrup, honey, tomatoes, nuts, organic chocolate, and grains, all of which will feed the Candida. Barley is a grain, so is millet. Your best choices for this type of food are coconut flour and buckwheat.

    What’s the point of the dark chocolate — other than to treat the Candida to a feast?

    Quote: “be aware that kefir and any animal products like dairy, and beans are also very high in protein-so if you are consuming them with meat be careful.”

    Reply: The only food-produced culprit here is the ammonia from all the meat, not the beans or kefir. If you had followed our protocol instead of your doctor’s, you would not have been eating all the meat you were having on a daily basis creating a kidney problem.

    So sorry that you’re experiencing this, and that you actually paid someone to go through this additional nightmare.



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    Did you get any testing done to see whether you have adrenal fatigue?

    Simply being tired all of the time doesn’t necessarily mean you have adrenal fatigue; for instance, I got tested and it showed that I did not have adrenal fatigue even though I have been very fatigued for a long time. However, one of my antibodies was low and it showed that I didn’t chew my food enough. I only take one supplement for my low adrenals which is a b-vitamin…

    My girlfriend has adrenal fatigue and takes a homeopathic that helps her with that. It has helped tremendously…she has been fatigued for months but doesn’t have candida overgrowth as far as we’re concerned.

    If you want a good naturopathic doctor, my doctor in town has patients throughout the world from China to Norway and Brazil. You just have to meet him once in person (I believe) and he can talk to you over the phone. Just a suggestion/idea.

    I am sorry to hear about this happening to you and it shows how doctor’s can fail if they are not very good.

    I’d stick to able’s suggestions; if you really do have candida then many of those food items will feed it. Might as well stick it out and save that stuff for phase 2. What were your symptoms originally?



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    Hi Catie, very sad to hear all your suffering, I am on the diet for 7 weeks now, I cut back buckwheat bcause I thought was making my hands swollen in the morning, but I have been thinking is probably too many eggs and the yogurt and Kefir which all them promote mucus-swollenness kind of thing, other than that I am eating allowed vegetables and more vegetables, coconut cream, coconut flakes and coconut bread, fish once a week, chicken 3 times a week, lots of garlic.

    So I am kind of “regulating” myself, and i am not drinking kefir anymore, just yogurt, the recipe I am following is the Specific carbohydrate diet -SCD- ( Elaine Gottschall, or check on the web breaking the viciouscycle) which requires 24 hours minimun fermentation.

    Lots of things in the Specific Carbos Diet make sense to me,this is my very personal oppinion, everyone has to read and make their own conclusions but as I agree with the forum protocol for the candida I also think the body needs carbos and we can pick the mos beneficial ones, I am going to wait until week # 12 and start introducing carbos that are easy digestible and recomended in SCD with the correct cooking instructions. I don’t want lose more weight because I am already skinny.

    I hope you feel better.

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