No Elimination after 5 days on the detox?? Should I worry??

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    I have not had a Bowel Movement since starting this detox. I am at the end of the 5th day. I am doing Option 2, Cleansing without colonic irrigation. Should I be worried? I’m thinking one of the following if I don’t have a BM by the end of the 7th day: enema or magnesium..
    I have strictly followed the detox, but tonight I had a piece of chicken and a piece of cucumber (all items are on the 2-3 week part). I needed something solid.. I will be strict the next two days with out any solids.
    On the 4th day, after taking the liver cleanse, it took everything to keep it down, I almost threw up.
    I have only experienced minor headaches, fogginess and dizziness. I work out daily and have been to the sauna a couple times..



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    We started worrying on day 3.
    I found this and copied it – I don’t know which website it was from, so apologies to the author.

    “Think of the colon like a conveyor belt. Liquid comes in one end (you add enough water to your food at the start to make a liquid emulsion out of it. It needs to be liquid to absorb the nutrients out of it).

    As the stool goes through the colon that water is removed from the stool.

    So ideally the amount of time it takes to go from a liquid to a solid of the right consistency ends up being the same amount of time it takes for the stool to move through the colon. If it takes way too long it comes out hard and dry. If it goes a bit too fast it comes out loose. If you have an acute illness where the colon needs to flush itself out it can then dump more water into the colon to get things out, but that is when you get repeated bouts of watery diarrhea.”

    This website is also interesting:

    Keep on the psyllium husk/bentonite clay drinks, and drink heaps of water.
    Chances are that when you do have a BM it will be quite small and hard, but hopefully after that it will be easier.

    I also had trouble keeping the liver cleanse down (from day 1).
    Follow it up with a glass of water containing a squeeze of lemon. It helps.

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