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    Hi, I’m new to the forums, and was looking for some moral support, and hopefully get through this problem with people I can relate to. I’m male and 19, recently diagnosed myself with yeast overgrowth after I’ve had reccurent thrush for the past 6 months. Tried 3 different creams given to me by doctors and the 1-off pill that you can buy over the counter but they’ve only ever got ridden of the symptoms temporarily.

    Don’t mean to be offensive to anyone. No matter how long I apply the cream for on my genitalia , straight after I stop it seems like my foreskin clings to my glands like a band-aid. It feels like the foreskin is tight and makes marks of tightness on the glands, but I never had this problem before so I don’t think it would be because of a tight foreskin. (I’ve looked it up and people tend to suggest yeast overgrowth, but there’s no real scientific proof). and If do masturbate then my genitila gets infected rather quickly, so I tend to avoid that now. Kinda ruined my sex life.

    I’ve also noticed that since I’ve had it I tend to be fatigued an awful lot and don’t really want to socialise as much, also suffered from brain fog, depression, anxiety, small attention span and insomnia.. Some people say its related to Candida and comes with it? I’m not sure if anyone else suffers from these symptoms? Maybe you guys can help shed some light on that.

    Was thinking of getting circumcised but I figured that if the problem is more then cosmetic, getting it done won’t change anything right? So it’s better that I go on the Candida diet. I’m assuming going for a month would be long enough but I’m no expert, and I’m sure some of you are more informed than I am on the topic. Does this Candida diet really work? if it does I’d really appreciate some tips

    Told my parents but they’re pretty skeptical and not very supportive of the diet. and reckon I should just get circumcised. All the doctors give me are creams and not much else

    Thanks so much


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    I don’t think circumcision will do anything to solve the underlying problem, and if anything, you might end up on a round of antibiotics, since it’s a considerably more invasive surgery as an adult. Antibiotics, of course, will only make the issue worse.

    I would recommend you spend some time reading the forum’s protocol here:
    Then send a message to Able900 asking him for the diet that’s meant to be used in conjunction with the protocol.

    There’s a whole thread of testimonies to the success of the diet and protocol (which you can read here I can also personally say that I’m very nearly symptom-free these days, having followed the diet and protocol very closely. Another fairly detailed success story can be found here:—2-years-on.aspx

    Welcome to the forum!

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