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    How do you determine if a reaction is “die off” i.e. you are doing something to kill the candida or a “bad reaction” i.e. you are doing something to feed the candida?
    I am transitioning to this diet from one my nutritionist had recommended (very similar but not quite as strict). I am “reacting” to certain things and not sure whether to continue them or not.

    Early on in the (general anti-candida) diet I experienced pretty severe die-off (mostly feeling like I was dying from fatigue). A month in that has now subsided, but for example for the last two days my vaginal yeast seems to have gone beserk again—worse than at any time prior to the diet. I am not sure if it was because I ate something bad (I cheated and ate a potato on Monday) or because I have been doing more good (in general my diet has become stricter in the last few days). Prior to diet I could eat an ice cream cake and not have this reaction, so I am not sure why one potato would cause it?

    I also had a pretty horrible reaction to kefir (and have a similar bad reaction to almost all probiotics). After 3 days my body completely rebelled and I was visiting the bathroom 100 times in 48 hours. I stopped taking them assuming this was a “bad reaction” but how does one determine that? Clearly there is something wrong that I can’t handle good bacteria, but what do I do about it? Persevere as if it’s die off, or stop because it’s something bad for me? [Also had terrible reaction to GSE—probably die off, but perhaps because it was killing good bacteria? How to know?]

    I also remember from past (failed) attempts at an anti-candida diet that feeding the yeast “felt great” at least in the short term [and my symptoms were never of the sort that I noticed a big negative reaction even days later.] So I am not sure how much I can rely on feelings. And, I am eating so many completely new foods to me (mostly new veggies) that my head is spinning trying to figure out what I am even reacting to, for good or for bad.

    Lastly (and I apologize for the length of this post) my main candida symptom and reason for the diet is vestibular vulvodynia. I am working to cure it so that I can someday get married. However, it is not a symptom that even without treatment is always manifest, so it’s really hard to tell when I am in general improving or not. I do have occasional flare ups which mimic (or are) more traditional yeast infections but even when on a high sugar diet these were not consistent. So I am having a hard time telling whether I am improving or not. (I am planning to do the diet for at least a year or so, because I realize it is an underlying condition that will take significant time. My question is not as to whether I am “finished” but whether as I move along I can know if a certain item is positive or negative for my body).

    In short, does anyone have advice on how to judge reactions and how to measure improvement other than just feelings?


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    Hmmm… that is a hard one. Hopefully one of the others will chime in. I will tell you that I had a horrible reaction to oregano oil, I honestly didn’t think I could poop that much. 🙂 It was bad. Maybe you ought to not do dairy products right now? And start the probiotics very slowly. It used to be that when I ate yogurt, I got a yeast infection. I think that was the imbalance in my gut.


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    I too wondered why I was having a stronger reaction to sugar then I did before starting the diet.

    This thread may help answer some of those questions.

    As far as the telling the difference. I just assume everything is die off, no two days or weeks are the same for me. If they were, I’d look to my diet and rotate things around.

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