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    Hello, I had a health screening test 5 days ago using the Aysra system (anyone heard of it?) I have had multiple symptoms for over a year – extreme tiredness, irritability, mood swings, mild depression, anxiety, dizziness/lightheadedness, generally feeling like I’m never going to feel well ever again. I thought I was peri-menopausal. This test showed that Candida is the underlying cause of the above symptoms and more. I have been given various herbal, homeopathic and vitamin supplements and test showed to cut out wheat and a few others.

    Having been through this before – when I had other physical symptoms that I don’t currently have – I am feeling that I need to eliminate more stuff from my diet. Glad to have found this site especially as 5 days in I am feeling rubbish today-wobbly, shaky, anxious, headachy, tired and I had felt better probably due to the fact that I knew what I was dealing with.

    Anyway, I am rambling now, am wondering if I am detoxing a bit and glad to be able to discuss this with others who know how I feel. Anyone felt anxiety with candida?


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    Helen wrote: I am feeling that I need to eliminate more stuff from my diet …. Anyone felt anxiety with candida?

    Greetings, Helen, and welcome to the Candida Diet Forum.

    Can you tell us what your diet is at this time? For example, is any type of sugar still in your diet, or do you eat any simple carbohydrates? Alcohol?

    Unfortunately, nervousness and anxiety both seem to be by-products of a Candida infestation. There are several things that can help this until you’re further into being rid of Candida.

    One is an herb called Passion Flower – which contains natural nerve tonic properties.

    Another is Valerian Root; some people find this fairly strong, so be careful it doesn’t put you to sleep if you’re out and about.

    A lot of people become depressed when suffering with Candida. If this happens, try something called 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) and St. John’s Wort. Some call it a myth, but I’ve seen 5HTP used more than once to regulate serotonin levels in brain and thus aid mood and sleep.

    Good luck to you, Able


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    Welcome. I too am fairly new at the candida diet (6 months). I feel like my old self since removing the sugars from my diet. I had the wobbly feeling also…I would feel like my blood sugar was really low. I drank a lot of water, at some nuts and the feeling usually passed. Good luck and stay strong.


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    Able, until last Tuesday I had been eating some things with sugar in, like savory things, that has stopped now. I had been taking a herbal supplement for the peri-menopause and this had passion flower in it. My health practitioner has sugessted that I stop all previous supplements until we see what difference her remedies have. I have numerous amounts – herbs, vitamins, hemeopathic, flower essenses etc. All to help the candida and support my adrenals and liver. The Asyra system seems to be amazing – some of the remedies are digitally imprinted – apparently we just need the resonance of some things to kick start our own healing.

    Anyway time will tell.

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