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    I have been reading this forum for about 4 months now and have been on the diet for almost 3 months,though i am not following this forum’s protocol.i wish to know more about that.i hav enormous amounts of queries,really confused right now.i will try to keep it short (but it won’t be,i knw)
    so first abt the conditions: i hav really weak ENT system,i hav had cough cold problems more than twice a year for 10 years now,though after starting the diet i haven’t had any major respiratory problems.i took many rounds of antibiotics (Some times for three weeks straight).i even when had no knowledge abt antibiotics and yeast knew that in the long run it isnt going to be good for me,i mean getting sick every 4-5 months something was definitely wrong,the most stupid thing my ent doc told me when i inquired about this was that i should come to him for treatment,ho harm in that.i even one time was on neburaliser because my condition got really serious,i couldn’t breathe at all(3years ago)

    anywys,apart from that i had my first skin trouble 4-5 years ago,a little white patch near the outer part of my knee.i didn’t do anything serious to resolve that and it itself went away after a few a patch on arm,increased n covered whole arm,i used to hide it while going to school with bandages,it too went away after i applied creams ,oil religiously everyday to remove the was below chin ,it got really bad after applying a cream from dentist,it turned red and ached.i had to go to the dermatologist.he not only successfully treated that bt gave me anti acne medicine(i didn’t hav major acne,jst a little red on my cheeks.i think i could hav managed without the medicineas it was not a major problm).this was about 2 years ago.

    then aftr 5 months my hair started falling out.that’s when it became serious.i had really bad dandruff too(i had dandruff for 4-5 years bt it was manageable .it was somewhat genetic as well as my father too has a lot of dandruff.another trip to dermatologist ,seborrheic dermatitis is what he said it was n hair fall was genetic . that’s Bulls..t coz my father 30 years older has more hair than me currently.can my hair fall be due to dht(tstoterone bi-product),dandruff n redness,hair pulling(i hav that problm since i was a child)

    my lymph nodes even swelled up 3 years ago(3-4 of them) though every doc said not to worry
    about it(one doc himself showed me his swollen ones n said he too had that since he was a kid)
    apart from that i didn’t hav great digestion bt nothing to worry about.

    acc. to me antibiotics n anti acne medication messed me up real good.

    3 months ago i discovered i had food intolerance(no doc told me about it,i had to force him to write the tests name after reading about it on the internet)

    reports showed HIGHLY INTOLERANT TO:- egg white,sheep milk,gingko,vanilla,yeast(brewer’s)
    MILdY INTOLERANT TO:- casein,pea,cow milk,cola nut ,amaranth

    i have eliminated these from my diet completely exception for the exception of ghee n curd(only once a week)
    last year has been current symptoms after the 3 month diet are hairs fell weak,dandruff,even a little redness on scalp,skin dryness,near shin area ,itching on the whole body,digestion still isn’t at par,headache majorly front part of scalp,sometimes i fell heavy or light headed,poor concentration(really poor,i couldnt study for evn 20 min continuously).

    i am currently taking ayurvedic medicine,its been 4 months now. acc. to d doc i have vatta(wind) know more about it you can search abt it. acc. to ayurveda there are three body types n imbalance of that element causes trouble,etc.he says i have really weak immune system n it is going to take some time to show improvements in conditions.
    should google it.
    n i was really stressed last year ,2 deaths in family (in 2 yrs),loneliness,pressure of getting in good college,parting from realy helpful school friends,worrying a bi too much abt petty issues like attendance,marks,etc

    i am neither having organic food nor any probiotics n i want to immediately do that.i am consuming a limited no. of antifungals.though i think i can’t even purchase it being a student i have very limited budget.
    coconut,olive oil,garlic,ginger onions (fresh),curd once a week
    there are so many questions,i can’t even rember them,i have my vacations right now n want to speed up the healing process before my college resumes,i didn’t do the cleanse n would want to do it if necessary. my symptoms are improving but i think i really need to speed it up n adopt more serious approach

    help needed from the forum members,kindly help me.any help will be much appreciated
    sorry for post being long,i haven’t even asked all my doubts yet.
    thanks in advance


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    able ,raster ,anyone ??
    i would be really grateful if you could help me out.

    another question is mega flora ,innate probiotics aren’t available here.on ebay they are going to cost me $100 each(that’s because i live in india,nothing good happens here i have started to think that way now),2264,2526,2527,2528,

    here’s another one :-

    this one has preservative :-

    local probiotics available are: (check the ink and tell me which one has the best ingredients, dds-1 is missing.i know

    and i have lost 4-5 kgs until now.what can i do to counter that.

    Is water kefir going to be any helpful since i cannot have milk kefir.


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    Well its pretty clear you have a toxicity problem. The toxins first affected your lungs (hence the respiratory problems) and then the toxins affected your skin. Your body detoxes via 3 basic methods, via the bowels, via the skin, and via the lungs. For some reason your body broke down and is no longer detoxing via the liver and thus it has to detox via other methods such as skin and lungs.

    So in order to heal yourself you need to detox the toxins. You can do this by taking specific liver supplements and homeopathics, or you can detox naturally by sweating out the toxins by doing a steam room, sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, etc. I also shared a post recently about other detox methods:

    Here is a different post where I talked about detoxing and you can find more and more of them on the forum if you did a search:—-Able-I-would-appreciate-your-advice-please.aspx

    The dandruff could be related to yeast, but it also could be related to parasites. No need to worry, you won’t be able to kill off all of the yeast or parasites but only reduce their numbers.

    Skin conditions could be related to deficiencies in HCL (hydro-chloric acid) per Dr. Mcoombs and if you supplement yourself with HCl you likely would notice an improvement in your skin.

    Antifungals alone won’t cure your infestation; all they do is kill the candida. This shouldn’t be your only goal. You need to change the environment within your gut internally in order to get better. Probiotics and prebiotics can do this.

    It also appears you are going the western medicine route. This is unfortunate because as you can see all they do is throw antibiotics and medication at the symptoms. They don’t treat the cause of the symptoms and they don’t treat gut flora disorders. And the symptoms don’t completely dissappear either…

    You’ll need an immune system in order to get better and it’ll be hard to get your’s back in check quickly. This takes years of work. I am not the best person to ask about how to boost the immune system. I shared some products by standard process recently such as congaplex which boosts the immune system.

    It also sounds like you may have a deficiency in minerals because your body needs the minerals to fight candida. So I would supplement with minerals and consider eating meat which contains minerals as well.

    You also need to reduce the inflammation of the gut in order to get better and heal leaky gut.

    As you can see you need a multi-faceted holistic approach and will need to spend a bunch of money on supplements. A good naturopath can heal you, but it costs money. Check our super silica (for hair), its $50 per bottle. Check out SF722 its $30 per bottle (best antifungal). Fermented cod liver oil is $45 per bottle (reduces inflammation). HMF neuro is $40 per bottle (best probiotic). And I can list more and more stuff that can help you but it costs money. And this stuff might not be the most effective for treating your ailments…

    Check out the product lines of standard process, integrative thereaputics, thorne, pure encapsulations, harmonic interprizes, seroyal, etc. These are the products that heal the body and are what are used by naturopaths.



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    firstly i can’t thank you enough for your reply.

    i know my body is really messed up and it literally has been abused by the use of antibiotics over the years and the anti acne regime i followed for a month(i hate myself for that stupid decision).
    i literally have tears in my eyes because i was a kid then and didn’t really knew what was right or wrong

    i have just turned 20. when you get ill you go to the doc.that’s the norm.that’s what i did,n i followed the prescribed medication.
    how on earth would a 14 year old know about antibiotics n their side effects, i think i cannot be blamed for that atleast. i continued using them because i got relief ,though i complained to the doc that why do i have to come back repeatedy,he said it was due to dust,pollution in the air.

    anyways i know allopathy isn’t a true and complete solution,and i completely agree with what you said.a year back i decided to follow a new path(that’s when i started to lose hair and the dermatologist prescribed me anti fungal shampoo,creams, n advised me to use minioxdil).i refused the latter at the very moment.i used the shampoos n i have literally cried after looking at the state of my hair.

    you misunderstood me, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO FAITH LEFT IN (WESTERN) ALLOPATHIC MEDICATION(atleast for the past year or so).
    i am currently seeing a Ayurveda doctor(he is healing me holistically,through natural herbs n treatment). funny thing is that he too said the same thing that you said that it will take a long time and a lot of effort to get better.he too is focusing on the immune system(which he says is very very weak). n i think i am much better than what i was a year ago. i would say the symptoms have reduced by has been 4 months only.

    at first , i thought i had dandruff n all the problms due to dairy,yeast intolerance,eggs. what do you think about that?is it because of candida?
    do i even have candida, i want to test for it,since tests aren’t that expensive here.i am also thinking of taking a basic body test that will look into my liver,kidneys,blood etc. i think that one wouldn’t cost me less than $50.

    how do i get to know which mineral/vitamin i am deficient in?
    i did the iron test(S.FERRITIN) lst year the value was 36,the range was 28-300.but the doc said it was fine.
    the main problem was i live in india, not u.s.a i don’t think the brands you mentioned will deliver here though i will check it.

    please read the second post again n tell me about the probiotics. i can ask help for money from my mom,but atleast the product should be available n feasible(mega flora would cost me $ 100 for 60 cap.) i can’t afford that.

    n about kefir as well, water/milk? which one?
    will the water one be equally effective?

    i am ready to fight this, i know it may take a few years to heal myself competely but with the help of others who can guide n advice me in this process, i think it would make this horrific stage of my life somewhat better.

    many thanks


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    I know how difficult it is to follow the candida healing plan in India. It took me about 11 months research, finances management, and sources to provide me with all supplements and probiotics I needed on the plan…and am still going on without some that I cannot find here. And even if things are available, they are way too expensive in Indian rupees.

    I can think of a few things that may help you in low budget.

    I went through the probiotics links you’ve sent, but they have too low potency. Is it possible for you to ask someone to send you your stock of probiotics like I did? Purchasing it in the US was less expensive, than what it was with the shipment (if at all I found some company shipping it).

    I have already given you a list of supplements I have been taking in a PM, I understand that you feel the list is too long, but I feel my body had so many mineral and vitamin deficiencies because of candida that I feel the list is great (reading more on the forum about why we need it might give you an insight why it is recommended)!

    I would like to add that accupressure and detoxification methods like steam, dry brushing, oil pulling are great.

    I am taking regular Neem water enemas (and sometimes retained enemas) and it really helps me. I have a self enema kit to do so, which is not very expensive.

    Also there is a yogic kriya Laghu Shankh Prakshalan that helped me. You may find details on internet searching or else you may ask me about it.

    For ENT issues I take Steam (add carom seeds/ajwain and turmeric powder while boiling water), do salt water Neti and gargle.

    Oil pulling is great with either coconut oil or sesame oil.

    I also have a simple handy book on accupressure and color therapy and do that on my own because I had some prior idea about it.

    Also, you may do simple deep breathing, nadi shodhan, kapal bhati, bhastrika and bhramri pranayamas to detoxify the body. But just remember to start with a very low count, and slowly. Gradually you may increase the number, and speed.

    Personally, I would not like to see any specialist right now who would not know about candida, and I’d rather follow the forum. Sometimes, if ayurvedic medicines are prepared by the practitioner he may add honey or raisins or anything else sweet to it, so please make sure you are taking Ayurvedic medicines free from sugar.

    Also, I know that topical use of coconut oil and camphor really help resolve even long term skin issues, but am not sure in your case, may be you can read more about it or read over the internet.

    All the best.


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    thanks for replying. i really appreciate it.
    sadly,i don’t know anyone who could ship me the probiotics otherwise i would have given it a try at least.

    i am a person who believes that the food should provide for all the essential nutrients ,etc.i would like to test first for any nutritional and mineral deficiencies before taking any supplements of an sorts.any test that could cover all the aspects?
    if anything comes up i would definitely be ready to start taking any supplements.

    i have heard that enemas help but i get too scared to do it. i wouldn’t be able to do it myself,i know that.

    my ENT system is much better now. for the past few months it hasn’t been a major problem. chewing a clove works for me though i would try the steam therapy next time .

    i will search about all the yoga exercises and start doing them for a few minutes.

    i myself don’t want to consult an allopathic doctor. their way of treating is pathetic.symptoms are relieved which come back after stopping the medication. a nutritionist i would like to consult,just to have better knowledge on food.maybe even better diet plans and other stuff .

    you were right about sugar in ayurvedic medicine, one of the syrup contains raisins(approx. 20%)though the other tablets and powder seem to be fine. i couldn’t find honey listed as ingredients. i will ask about them on my next visit and probably would also ask to stop the sugar containing solution or atleast prescribe me one which would have the least amount of sugar.i want to continue my treatment with them as i feel much better even if their medicines contain any form of sweet ingredients. i don’t know what is working for me so i wouldn’t risk stop doing anything that i have been doing for the past three months .moreover,the diet of both are more or less same(with ayurvedic one being lenient with wheat,sugar) i also will inquire about enema from them.

    again, thanks for your help.


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    healinglight;44519 wrote:

    I went through the probiotics links you’ve sent, but they have too low potency. Is it possible for you to ask someone to send you your stock of probiotics like I did? Purchasing it in the US was less expensive, than what it was with the shipment (if at all I found some company shipping it).

    can i altleast start with those probiotics that i had inquired about.amongst those which one would be the best if u can help me with that. i am consuming a lot of prebiotics but no probiotics at all. absolutely none. i can’t even eat yogurt because i am casein and cow milk intolerant.

    also,is FOS (fructooligosaccharides) allowed ?

    other queries

    i have pets at home(4 of them). can they hinder my progress?

    even though my house doesn’t have mold, but over the years there have been leakage and water issue quite wasn’t resolved after several attempts so, we put up tiles on the problematic’s been a couple of years. is that a problem?


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    I too believe in taking nutrients through natural sources, but here we must understand that candida has robbed our body of nutrients to an extent it is very difficult to meet with just natural sources.

    You may take herbs, like you mentioned Amla (Indian Gooseberry) in your other post, if you wish to avoid supplements, though it may be a good idea to prepare a list of the supplements you are not apprehensive about taking, prepare a budget and go ahead with it.

    I would switch to the forum’s strict diet. I am highly in favor of it. It is tough to follow, but it works.

    Have you read the forum’s posts in the link below?

    This might be helpful to you as it was for me.

    As far as I know,FOS are very much allowed on the diet.

    I have no clue about pets being around (I have none), but why don’t you search in the forum’s posts?

    I guess mold is the real culprit, but for some people even if there is moisture and seepage there may be breathing issues and body ache and so on.

    Yeah, starting with whatsoever is available is a good idea. I thought of doing that too had I not found someone who was ready to help me with this.


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    I can see there are a lot of experts here who seem very knowledgeable.

    Obviously I am quite late to this topic and forum. Last year I was diagnosed with IBS.And I have since then begun a research on supplements for the GI system including probiotics and enzymes.

    I decided to then take all my research and put it on the internet where it’s easy for people to search their probiotics of choice. The site is still in Beta but there are already hundreds of products. Its free. You can even compare products and also compare prices on 4 top websites one of which is Amazon.

    At a minimum, you will atleast get brand names with more information on the product website itself(click on the very last column in the search results).

    Please, please try it out and give me feedback and please spread the word. I plan to post on other threads for people looking for information.


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