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    It is my goal to not make this too long, hopefully all works out to favor any eye strain.

    First and foremost my name is Becca and I have been sick for almost 10 years now. I am 21.

    My symptoms started out as being “typical” youth issues: depression, anxiety, eating disorder. It wasn’t until I was 18 and had begged doctors for years to listen to me and figure out why I had such severe issues, I was diagnosed with Celiacs disease and all of those issues dissipated. What hadn’t dissipated was extreme lethargy, fainting spells, constant dizziness, brain fog, irritability, lack of proper bowel function, hypotension (low blood pressure), anemia, random loss of co-ordination, headaches, the list goes on.

    I had been dealing with these issues believing what the doctor had told me, it may take up to 2 years for my body to normalize after beginning a gluten free diet. It had been 3 years, and although I had been feeling better, previously mentioned issues would come and go, except for lethargy which is always present. It’s a very one sided relationship that I’ve tried to end numerous times.

    So last April 2013 (exam time) things got brutal. Brain fog was the worst I have ever experienced (I would forget my name, age, slip on words); lethargy was as bad as when I had mono (couldn’t stay up for longer than 2 hours at a time); and my co-ordination got really bad. By August 2013 I lost the ability to walk and my doctors thought I either had MS or lupus. Everything came back negative, and as great as that was, coming back empty handed was quite gut-wrenching as the doctors told me to consider seeing a psychiatrist.

    Things have gotten better. Before a few days ago I was following the GAPS diet, however was unable to do the introductory diet. I am very picky about food, make everything myself, hardly ever eat pre-made foods. I also drink a lot of water and do at home enemas(I make sure everything is pure and sterilized). These changes helped greatly, but I find when I take 3 steps forward, a week later I take 2 steps back. My goal is to stop that trend and only progress. So, last Saturday I cut out all sugars after reading more about Candida and thought even if it wasn’t Candida it would be beneficial in a fight against parasites and pathogenic bacteria which I very well think I may have along with leaky gut. Heavy metal toxicity is another suspect on this game of diagnosis which I believe is a huge issue considering every time I take a chelator (chia seeds, flax seeds, chlorella) my symptoms are worsened. Adrenal fatigue has been confirmed. Funny how the symptoms all overlap one another?

    I have also been slowly prepping myself for a detox since mid-January 2014 by working on my digestive system and toning my liver. Taking natural anti-fungals like garlic and ginger have been a regular part of my routine for months now.

    So one question is, I cannot find this highly recommended diet by raster? I tried the search, but goodness, there are so many posts, even the exact phrase search came up with 73 pages worth of information.

    As well, how are you all doing with things? Any helpful tips would be really appreciated.

    Thank you to all who read this, and have helped not only me but others. Best wishes to everyone in overcoming this.


    Vegan Catlady
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    Hi Becca

    I have only been treating my candida since January, but already I feel like I have turned a corner. I remember in January I thought that day would never come.

    Alot of your symptoms do sound like adrenal exhaustion. Most people have it to some degree, and most candida-sufferers have it really bad. Since I have been treating mine, I have seen a big improvement in symptoms.

    I just popped-in to say it sounds like more than candida going on.

    Detoxing is a great idea, but since you have so much going on, my advice is to go a gentle route, otherwise you risk your adrenal exhaustion getting alot worse.

    Here is the famous raster’s safe food list:


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