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    So I’m back….
    It’s been almost a year since I’ve been on the site. unfortunately I did quit the diet during that time. I know that I really need to kick this thing this time. I have a new doctor ( one that actually thinks changing my diet will help) and am more motivated than ever. I definitely want to cure myself before I start a family my and just keep my goal in mind.
    Today is the day.
    I think that instead of following the strict diet right away, I’m going to start by gradually cutting foods out from my diet and adding better substitutes. Its going to be hard to fight the sugar cravings, but I have to do this for my family and myself. I feel like my life is finally moving in the right direction and this is the first thing I need to tend to in order to jeep the train on the tracks.
    I will be posting daily to keep my motivation.
    Wish me luck!


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    Hello, Rosemarie.

    I received your private message asking for the safer cleanse link, but I have some questions first.

    Were you using my diet or the website’s diet when you left the forum last year?

    In 2012 you wrote that you had symptoms consisting of V. yeast infections and fatigue. But you later wrote that the yeast infection had completely cleared away. So do you have the same two symptoms now or have they changed?

    On April 22, 2012 you asked if you could go off of the cleanse you had been on for four days and start the diet, and I told you to go ahead and start the diet since you were about to go back to school, but that was the last day you posted anything at all on the forum until today. So how long did you remain ‘strictly’ on the Candida diet?

    And last, do you only want the cleanse or do you want the link to my diet as well?


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