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    I have been suffering from severe rashes for 3 years now. I went from completely fine to getting a nickel rash, sun rashes and now rashes that cover my body continually. They are so severely itchy, my skin is just full of scabbed over bumps from itching so much. I cannot stand it anymore. A month ago, I went off of milk. That didnt work. Then, a few days ago, I went off of wheat but then on day 3 of that I decided to go to a naturopath. He told me I have Candida. I have never been to one so I am not sure what I think yet but I am willing to try anything at this point. He told me to go off of yeast, sugar and dairy and gave me latero-flora (Bacillus-laterosporus) to take for 2 weeks. He did not say to detox first. I found this website this morning and am realizing that maybe I should be detoxing? What have others found? Will I still kill the Candida by doing this diet without the detox? I am willing to do anything that will work!


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