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    Hello Everyone,

    My story; Over the last 7 years ailments have slowly been creeping up on me. I visited the Drs on a number of occasions with various Candida symptoms, depression, aching joints, skin problems and most debilitatingly Chronic Fatigue, wheat and lactose allergies. On the occasion I went to the Dr (after 2 years of my Fiance telling me to go ) for the depression, aching joints and skin problems, he basically turned me away from his door telling me Monday mornings were busy and he could only see me for one thing at a time.

    As you can imagine I went home feeling hurt and neurotic.

    Things progressed and more symptoms occured but I didn’t go back because of the bad expierience until last year, I started to get serious problems with my periods to the point I was in agony. Three appointments with three different Drs got me to the hospital, where I had a laposcropy, I have endometriosis. The surgeon was most unhelpful and literally told me there was no cure and I needed to take a new pill.
    I didn’t want to do that, I had read in Carolyn Levetts book that extended pill taking was the hormonal bad mix to bring on Endometriosis. I had a coil in place and decided to keep that in and to try my luck with that and the diet for endometriosis, I was was very good for about 5 months and then let it go a bit!

    I went to the Drs in Novemember because the period problems were worse than ever. I wanted to try coming off of the coil and taking no pill to see how my body reacted after 20 years of hormones, I argued a bit but as the pain was so bad I caved in, let them take the coil out and put me on Cerazette. What a disaster, I bled constantly for two months all over Christmas and New Year too, I went back got put on Microgynon which I have been taking well over 10 years before I’d had the coil 18 months before, all the depression, skin problems and joint ache (which had subsided a little on the coil) came back with a vengance. I started to realise that the symptoms were connected to my pill taking. I went back again, (I’m starting to stand my ground now with GP’s and will rebook with another at the practice if I feel I’m being fobbed off now!) I got given another pill, Loestrogen, Chronic Fatigue is so bad I cannot function through the day.

    So did loads more research, re-read all my books on Endometriosis and found alot of them connecting to Candida, it all clicked, especially the one thing I have not told any of the Drs, the horrible yeasty substance and pain in my belly button, I was so horrified with it, thinking I must not be cleaning properly, I became obsessive with dabbing tea tree on it after showering, even that didn’t help. Obviously it now makes sense to why the area didn’t heal properly for months after my keyhole surgery last year.

    I have had blood tests last year for Coeliac disease, which I have and thyroidisim, which I don’t. So I have already cut out all gluten products and thought that this would have been enough, according to the Endometriosis lists.

    From there on I read as much as I could on the subject and realised that I hadn’t gone far enough on the Endometriosis diet. My biggest problem was not bread as I thought it would be but tea and coffee, I am what you may call an addict and this has been my downfall along with the reintroduction of the pill (which I think is the main cause).

    So 3 weeks ago I went back to the Drs told him what I thought, he wouldn’t confirm or deny Candida however he did offer an antifungal (I politly said now and have gone the natural way) and I have an appointment to see a specialist on Endometriosis in a few weeks. I told him what I thought the pill was doing and he said to try not taking it up to my appointment and see what happens. So I have stopped taking the pill and started the Candida Diet, got through the first hell week where I felt as if I had a permanant hangover, have eaten enough garlic and coconut to sink a ship and am now on stage one. I am surprisingly finding most of it easy, I have always eaten organic where possible and I love to cook, which makes it easier. It’s just the small things I have found annoying, foods which are preserved in citric acid are everywhere. I have found that organic tinned tomatoes don’t have it in them. I have made up a lot of new recipes but have found the price of vegtables horrific. Suppliments are not too cheap either. Going out even to friends is a nightmare now, it was bad enough with the Coeliacs but adding Candida to it means basically drinking water when out.

    That is my story, it has been rather carthartic to write it all down so if you got this far, thank you for reading.


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    Just realised I’ve put this in the wrong section sorry about that!


    Jackie R
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    You sound as though you have had quiite a hard time – I hope you persevere with the diet, and things improve for you.


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    LolloRosso, thanks for your story – mine is posted in general discussion too. I didn’t realise the connection with endo though! I was diagnosed 5 years ago after a laparoscopy discovered it but soon after I was also diagnosed with under active thyroid. I was a mess so trusted the doctor…until he prescribed cortisone? I thought it was strange and read into it…terrible stuff! So I got a second opinion and was basically told to go off all the hormones he had me on. She was furious he put me on cortisone and DHEA. So I went off them and after 7 months I still have issues but different to what I initially had 5 years prior.

    Tired, overweight, stomach issues, period issues, itchy skin, fuzzy brain…the list goes on!

    However I haven’t done anything about it because I’m so sick of doctors! I decided to go completely natural – and hence here I am in the world of candida! My naturapath thinks I’ve had candida for a very long time and all symptoms – including what you’ve mentioned – lead to it.

    Oh it’s so tiring writing this – it’s taking me back to the feeling of hopelessness and as you said – feeling like you are losing your mind.

    I will do this candida diet, change my lifestyle and then go and see about the endo but for now…one day at a time!

    I have more research to do on the endometriosis connection though! So thanks – and good luck and keep in touch! Check out my blog if you wish! 🙂 Nina


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    Even the more mainstream medical books I have read have connected endometriosis to candida, which is why I have been so shocked by the response by my local surgery.

    I am looking forward to seeing this specialist and if he is any good and acknowledges the link between the two I will let you all know how I get on.

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