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    Chiropractor has indicated I need to do the Candida diet, and after reading more I am amazed that it covers all of my symptoms that I thought were otherwise unrelated. I have basically been sick since I had my twin girls two and a half years ago. For the first year and a half I thought it was just sleep deprivation, the stress of emigrating (moved from the UK to AK) etc. Then started trying to find the root cause and met a lot of dead ends, thought it might be iron or vit d deficiencies, then food allergies. Then I started having liver problems and the Chiropractor mentioned leaky gut and asked whether I struggled with yeast infections. I think we might have found the answer! I’m trying to learn and plan how to do this properly, and have a few questions.

    I have bilateral joint disease in my jaw joints, as well as displaced discs and hair line fractures. Very painful. To keep it under control I do a largely liquid based diet. If it isn’t liquid it has to be soft, mushy etc. To maintain my weight and stay healthy I rely largely on a product made by Garden of Life, Raw meal replacement powder which I mix up with soy or almond milk. Looking at the ingredients, it has 7g of sugar in, and a host of foods that I shouldn’t be having on a Candida diet, powdered berries, rice flour, bean sprouts, the list goes on.

    Would it be possible to still heal my gut while using the meal replacement? Or has anyone come across a liquid meal replacement which is suited to the Candida diet?

    Would this product my Garden of Life, Raw Candida Cleanse, be a good pro biotic to use? If not is there one people would specifically recommend? I haven’t taken any probiotics before. I take calcium supplements with added vitamin D. And the Chiropractor recommended Niacin. On top of that I was planning to add magnesium and potassium supplements as I know I’m deficient in these. Is there anything else that I should be taking? Have been reading the forum for a few days and it seems that most people are taking a lengthy list of supplements?

    I’d be grateful for any other information you think might be helpful as I start out. Thanks 🙂


    Vegan Catlady
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    Sounds like you have a great chiropractor 🙂

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