New to subject and require advice regarding women's issues.

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    Hi – I am new to all this and am finding all the symptom, diagnosis and diet advice sites a minefield.

    My issues began a few years back when I moved to the Caribbean from Europe. I also met my husband at this time. I had suffered from UTI’s before and began having symptoms for many months which i treated with antibiotics. Symptoms continued and it wasn’t until I was nearly at my wits end my sister suggested I try an anti fungal. Seemed to work!

    Then after routine gynae checks I was told I had thrush infection and took anti fungals again and was advised to give them to hubby too…

    To cut a long dull story short I seem to have regular flare ups of thrush, always vaginal and it seems to be pretty much persistently there. I have already taken two 10 day fluconazole treatments in the last few months.

    Anyway looking at this website and many others I seem to fit the candida sufferer profile. Although the symptoms seem a bit random, I seem to have 90% of them!!!

    I could do with some advice from lady’s that suffer this persistent vaginal flare ups like I seem too, I think it’s a UTI as I have the miserable urgency to urinate but can’t issues, feeling VERY uncomfortable and miserable like with cystitis and unfortunately our sex life the gone out of the window because of this.

    Any advice? Should I treat my husband too, do I have to go on this miserable diet where it looks like you can’t eat anything or even have a glass of wine now and then???

    is there a definitive test that I can take to make sure I am a sufferer?

    Thank you very much for your help.

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