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    After years of weight gain, yeast infections, fatigue, headaches, constant upper respiratory infections…blah, blah, blah – everyone here knows the story 🙂 I decided to try the candida diet. Started with the Boroch book then found this site. Having very positive experience so far. Lost about 3 lbs – have been on the diet fairly strictly for about 4-5 days now. I am taking the following supplements:

    (1) Probiotics – Definitely seems to help
    (2) CALM – Magnesium/Calcium supplement. (Although I am finding that it seems to does the opposite of ‘calm’ – I get a little wired on it. Maybe the artificial sweetener in it? Anyone else having this issue?)
    (3) Vitamin D – 2000 IUs – have been taking this for several years now.
    (4) Was also taking a garlic supplement as I had a cold, but

    Some things I have noticed:

    (1) Definite increase in energy.
    (2) yeast infection has gone away
    (3) Within 2-3 days, 99% of my cravings have gone away. Anyone else experience this? I don’t crave bread or sugars or anything.
    (4) I still do crave ‘cream’. I am one of those people that would rather eat a big bowl of whipped cream than a big dark chocolate bar. I always pick vanilla over chocolate. And, I love my tea in the morning (I don’t drink coffee and haven’t for several years as it made me far too agitated – but I drink good tea from the tea purveyor “Upton Teas”) Anyway, I still have my tea in the morning with a dollop of heavy cream (lower carbs than half and half) and haven’t experienced any adverse reactions.

    Glad to have found this site. Curious what others new to the diet are experience.


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