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    Hey guys!
    is good to find a place where there are people trying to cope with this canida problem.
    (excuse my poor english, im from mexico!!)

    ive been having candida for 5 years (since 2009)
    i think it was because i used to much antibiotics.
    anyways since 2009 ( i was 22 and now im 27) ive been having recurring oral thrust.
    but it hasnt change my life that much.
    i gained weight, but when i found this site, almost two years ago everything changed.
    but i still havent get rid of my oral thrust.

    lately i been having infections in the throat.
    and just when i get better, it kinda gets “bad” again…
    my throat gets sore, to be honest a lot of doctors around here dont know anything about candida.
    i went with one and he gave me more antibiotics and one antifungal pills.
    he told me i might have a “viral” problem and may have soemthing to do with my candida.

    my question is.. ¿do you think my constant sore throat and slight flu symptons are just another to my candida problem symptoms?

    (i dont have any other pain or condition besides this)

    today i started to take natual antifungals and started to diet (no carbs for me)
    hope it works!!

    thanks for your attention 🙂


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    Sore throat could be mono also known as epstein-barr. It also could be strept throat. I recommend getting it properly diagnosed.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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