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    Hi everyone,
    To make a very long story short. I’m a 38 and I’ve had Tourette syndrome (diag age 19) and horrible asthma and allergies my whole life. And until recently I realized ive had horrible yeast my whole life as well. As a child I had lots of fungal rashes and thrush. Probably due to all of the antibiotics and prednisone my doc put me on as a child for asthma and allergies. We never realized what the rashes were. Mostly jock itch and armpit rashes. I’ve always been a very active athlete so we figured it was from being sweaty all the time. Until recently I’ve figured out that it was yeast. I haven’t had those specific rashes since a young age. At 19 my tics became quite severe and my allergies got worse. Unfortunately when I was diagnosed with Tourette’s the doc immediately started my soon to be years of trying psych meds. Almost everyone in the book. Fun times. Things got bad enough (mostly side effects) that I dropped out of medical school. I guess i made my long story long. Lol sorry. . 🙂 Anyways, now today. About a year ago I developed episodic flu symptoms, rash (dif then before) bad asthma allerigies again, clumsiness, brain fog, depression, disorientation, headaches, numbness, cold body temp, vision issues, muscle aches… On and on. Had every test done you could imagine. At one point I had a stool sample and blood work for yeast and both came back positive. So since i new yeast and Tourette’s had a relation I figured I would try and fix the problem. Never in a million years would i associate all this to candida. Well, I’ve been on a cleanse for a little over a week and majority of these issues are finally (it’s been 8 months) starting to get slightly better. I am having die off symptoms which come and go. But I’m able to tough it out. Ive developed thick tough skin going through the past several months. It’s been hell. Currently I’ve been constipated for the first time ever. I’ve stopped all yeast and sugar products and have been using minced garlic and minced ginger. I was using coconut oil but it seemed to make the cognitive issues worse. When do I introduce pro biotics. I know my gut has low friendly bacteria from tests. Is chobani yogurt ok? And when. Thank you for listening. I think this could be a life changing situation for me and could use some advice or stories for me to get to the next step. Thanks 🙂


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    Coconut oil makes things worse, because it causes die-off.
    You should start with a cleanse.
    Then you have to move on to a candida diet. There are a number of diets available. Most people (including me) are doing the strict diet. It’s up to you which diet you choose. If you take the strict diet, things go quite fast (as in weeks/months), but then the first weeks are horrible.
    Probiotics shouldn’t be taken during the first few weeks. Read the protocol. The best probiotics is kefir.
    The candida overgrowth causes me ticks. So your Tourette might disappear when you got rid of candida.
    The same goes for your rashes and most of your allergies.

    Good luck!


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    I would check out the protocol.

    What you need to do is detox from the toxins as much as possible. The toxins are negatively affecting you and you are experiencing “die off” symptoms. The only way to reduce die-off is to detox, or alternatively, if you fed the yeast.

    Some of your symptoms are related to the liver:

    What you likely have going on is multiple slightly damaged organs that all need to be healed at once for optimum success.

    What is your diet like and what supplements are you taking? What is your detox plan?



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    Thx chosen one. Good to know I’m not alone. Raster, For the past seven days my diet has been strictly healthy meats and vegetables with no yeast whatsoever. I’ve used occasional brown rice every other day. Also using two spoons of raw minced garlic, and minced ginger per day. Could that alone cause die off. It’s crazy how different I feel from one hour to another. Cognitively and physically. Also I’m currently not using any probiotics. Thanks again for the help guys let me know if you have any further thoughts.

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