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    I’ve been suffering for a while what I thought was just mild depression & adrenal fatigue. Over the last few months those have gotten worse & new symptoms have started to appear. Horrible anxiety, flaky skin in ears, bags under eyes. The depression, mood swings & fatigue have gotten so bad it’s hard to get out of bed, let alone exercise. At my last physical, my white count was low. I went to a GP & he prescribed sertralline, which I tried to explain wouldn’t fix anything.
    I consider myself a very healthy individual & can’t understand why my symptoms would all the sudden get so much worse. I’ve been on a strict Paleo diet for the last year, with around 1 cheat meal per week. Since my son was born alcohol intake has been reduced to a few glasses of wine on the weekends & I have 1 cup of coffee in the morning (w/ coconut oil in it). I’ve been on HCL, d3, magnesium, fish oil, multivitamin, pantethine, vit C, glutamine, inositol, fiber & probiotics for the last year.
    Since I’ve realized the problem is my stomach; I’ve started anti fungals, gelatin, kombucha, Pau D’Arco & upped coconut oil consumption. I have Bentonite clay, oregano oil & Candida Force on the way.
    I don’t know if everything seems to be getting worse b/c of die off, but this really sucks. I know this is not a fast process, but if there’s anything you guys can think of that could be causing this to get worse, please let me know. Also, if you can think of anything else I should add that would be beneficial, I’m open to suggestions.


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    to better help you, I think we would need to know what a regular day consists of for you in the way of diet etc?

    Other things to rule out would be, you don’t have any mold issues at your current home? You don’t live in a basement apartment do you? Any mold issues at your job? etc.

    After my candida exploding after a serious black mold exposure. I have literally 0 tolerance to any levels of mold.

    Anyway, the more detailed of what your day usually consists of or even foods you generally eat every week would help to being able to pinpoint what may be making you sick. I noticed you said you drink wine on the weekends. That right there is a big no no. Wine is full of sugar.

    I had 2 beer tonight out with some old friends and I feel like I just got hit by a truck right now but I know I did it to myself and have been pretty loose with my diet lately cause I know I’m going to be buckling down here in the next couple of days for an all out assault on the candida for 3-5 months.


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    My diet is all organic and consists of grass fed beef, chicken, salmon, talapia, eggs, green veggies, peppers, grass fed butter, yougurt & coconut oil. I occasionally have a Granny Smith apple or blueberries. Even when I did eat more carbs, it was brown rice or quinoa. I’ve taken out basically all carbs, except for the apple & berries.

    We don’t live in an apartment, but we did have some black mold in our basement over the summer. We rarely spend time down there and had a company come in and take care of it a few months ago.

    Even though I like wine, I’ve been avoiding alcohol lately b/c how rough it is on my body & how crappy I feel the day after. I have avoided beer for the last year or so, b/c of it’s effects on estrogen & testosterone. This week I also took out my morning cup of coffee.

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