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    Hi there

    I just joined the forum. I have systemic Candida for the second time after taking 3 or 4 courses of antibiotics for a recurrent bladder infection.

    I took caprylic acid for about 7 weeks but have stopped for a while as the die-off symptoms got too hard to handle. As I also have a mouth full of amalgam fillngs I am also wondering about the Candida-amalgam connection.

    At the moment I am still getting vaginal thrush and bladder problems really often. I use d-mannose for my bladder now, but keeping the thrush under control is not easy.

    It’s easy to feel like giving up some days.

    I live in Frankfurt, Germany, by the way,where I work as a freelance translator.



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    Hi Anna.

    I’m new to the forum too. Similar problems as you, regular bladder and candida infections, as well as IBS symptoms. Are you planning to follow the Candida diet to get yours under control?

    I’m trying to research and plan as much as possible before embarking on the diet.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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