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    I’ve been browsing this site for a few months now and it’s awesome. I am finally at a point where I can give up dairy and coffee in order to actually get well(even considering putting my whole family on a version of the diet). The first few times I visited the diet was readily available and now it’s not:(

    Here is my story:

    I was tired mostly of feeling tired and unable to lose weight. I did a ton of reading online and stumbled upon Candida information after cutting out wheat. It wasn’t until I was put on an antibiotic called Flagelle(sp)that I ended up with oral thrush myself(BOO!) While breastfeeding all three of my kids, we battled Thrush on and off and won or so i was led to believe. Though no one told me that it can linger with all of those other symptoms. I am guessing that considering I was a child with super sensitive skin and weird rashes, that I have probably had Candida overgrowth for my whole life and don’t want that for my own kids.

    I’m going to be starting the Molybdenum tonight(finally) and I’d like a copy of the diet and allowed foods so I can have everything ready to start. I am super excited to get healthy and feel well once again! Also, ready for the challenge of getting 6, 5 and 3 year olds to give up some of their favorite food.

    The help advice and information on this forum is awesome! Thank-you! 🙂


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    Email able900 for a copy of the food list.



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    I keep going on about this lately, but you should get your thyroid levels checked. Difficulty losing weight and fatigue probably rank in the top 3 of hypothyroid symptoms. Susceptibility to infections, including yeast ones, is another. Standard check-ups may include a check of your TSH level, but this is a pituitary hormone, and doesn’t reliably show thyroid function. If your T3 and T4 levels are in a good position within range along with good TSH, then you can probably rule it out. It’s quite a poorly diagnosed/treated condition, and as a result you might need to practically coerce your doctor into diagnosing your with it by learning about it yourself. I’d hope it’s not an issue, because it require lifelong medication, but that’s another reason to make sure it’s not an issue before getting your hopes up about improving your health naturally.


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    Have you already tried consulting a dietitian for this?


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    paulkur89234 wrote: Have you already tried consulting a dietitian for this?

    Consulting a dietitian for what, paul? Dietitians in general know absolutely nothing about a Candida infestation and how to treat it.


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