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    i have recently discovered candida. i am coming off of 20 days of antibiotics from strep throat. i have oral thrush, a slight ear infection, and have been so groggy and tired. i am suspecting an overgrowth of candida.

    what i am confused about is how slow to start the program. i discovered what candida actually is after looking into the 21 day sugar detox. i am on day 2 of no sugar, except i bought some plain kefir without realizing it had 9g of sugar. I just drank a cup and am now laying in my bed with my head killing me.

    i also bought a probiotic and antifungal. i am wondering if i can get some advice on where to start. i am previously a big carb/fast food eater. do you think it is wise to ease into everything? i was planning on taking the antifungal tonight. i want to clear up the ear infection first. my main method of exercise is swimming but i don’t want to trap more water in there. but i need to exercise to wear off this grogginess. any advice is appreciated. thanks.

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