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    Hello all!

    So the short back story is I’ve suffered from a type of eczema exclusive to my hands for years now. I was really just looking for the cause of this when I stumbled on Candida. I experience a ton of the symptoms and I was doing a lot of the problems with the cause list. So here we are!

    I am on day 2 of drinking a vegetable broth, drinking water, taking a probiotic,drinking pau d’arco, drinking a little bone broth, and I did have wakame in my broth last night. I read that doing this for two days should help start a cleanse. I also researched a lot on what I should eat. I have bought tons of cruciferous(sp?) veggies, some plain yogurt, avocado,almonds,all organic for the next stage.
    So some questions:
    How long do I have to stick to the veggie diet. I know they need to be pretty much raw or steamed> How come they can’t be sauteed with a little olive oil or coconut oil? When can I start introducing a few starchy veggies, grass fed chicken, beef, or wild salmon? What amount of probiotic/antifungal should i be taking (at a decent price, I am a college student)?
    The other sort of questions are today I am experiencing a lot nausea and a mild headache. I’m also kind of out of it. I know that this could be from just lack of nutrients or is this the candida die off?
    Pretty much AM I DOING THIS RIGHT? lol

    Thank you for any and all advice.

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